La Caleta Restaurants

9 Best La Caleta Restaurants

La Caleta! This charming little coastal town in Tenerife has been captivating me as I plan a trip there in early 2025. The main reason for the visit? To celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday in style!

As a family we are staying in the Hovima La Pinta in Costa Adeje as it is fantastic for kids.

Knowing how much he and the extended family enjoys delicious food and beautiful scenery, I embarked on a virtual quest to find the perfect restaurant.

After wading through countless reviews and menus, I’ve compiled a shortlist of fantastic options, each offering something unique. 

Lagarto Brasserie: Fine Dining Restaurant

Lagarto Brasserie in La Caleta, Tenerife sounds like a fantastic restaurant perfect for a special occasion or a memorable meal.

It offers a modern international menu with a focus on beautifully prepared dishes. I’ve seen many comments about the perfectly cooked steaks, the roast chicken unlike any other, and the decadent Mille Feuille dessert.

They also boast a delicious spicy margarita that will transport you back to the US.

The atmosphere is inviting, with pleasant surroundings, comfortable seating, and live music that complements the ambiance.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, making sure your experience is top-notch.

With both a terrace and a dining room, you can choose between enjoying your meal under the stars or in a more formal setting.

While on the pricier side, Lagarto Brasserie seems to be well worth it for a celebratory meal or a night of indulgence.

They do recommend booking a table in advance, so you won’t be disappointed.

La Vieja: Seafood Restaurant

La Vieja La Caleta

La Vieja restaurant in La Caleta, Tenerife is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

Not only does it boast the freshest catches of the day, but it also offers the best view in La Caleta. This understated gem combines a delightful ambiance with show cooking and the soulful tunes of a live singer.

The menu showcases the bounty of the local seas, with exquisite dishes prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Customers consistently comment about the great food, praising the perfectly cooked seafood and delicious accompaniments.

One reviewer in Facebook highlights an “original and delicious grilled octopus salad” and a perfectly prepared grouper.

The friendly staff, under Natalia’s attentive care, adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening or a delightful lunch with breathtaking views, La Vieja promises an unforgettable experience.

Restaurant 88: Upscale Asian Cuisine with Stunning Ocean Views

Restaurant 88 La Caleta

Craving a delicious Asian restaurant in a beautiful setting? Look no further than Restaurant 88 in La Caleta, Tenerife.

This restaurant offers a primarily Chinese dining experience with a modern twist, consistently receiving top reviews for its gorgeous food and impeccable service.

Customers constantly recommend Restaurant 88 praising dishes like the Emperor set menu, a €43 per person feast overflowing with top-notch food.

While the menu focuses on Chinese cuisine, reviewers also mention a fantastic selection of sushi, all incredibly fresh and beautifully prepared.

High-quality ingredients and modern cooking techniques elevate classic dishes, resulting in a truly unforgettable meal.

Beyond all that, Restaurant 88 boasts a stunning location overlooking the ocean.

Many reviewers highlight the importance of requesting an outdoor table to maximize the gorgeous views.

The professional staff adds another layer of excellence, ensuring a relaxed and friendly dining experience. While some consider it on the higher end price-wise, the quality of food, service, and ambiance is widely considered worth the splurge.

So, if you’re looking for a luxurious yet comfortable Asian dining experience with breathtaking ocean views, Restaurant 88 is a perfect choice. Just be sure to book a table in advance, especially if you have your heart set on enjoying the scenery from the outdoor terrace.

El Caldero: Rustic Tapas Charm in La Caleta

El Caldero

El Caldero in La Caleta isn’t your typical fancy restaurant. Instead, it offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere perfect for savoring a taste of authentic Canarian cuisine in a tapas style setting.

Customers comment on the delicious selection of tapas, all bursting with flavor and reasonably priced.

The location itself adds to the charm. Nestled in a scenic spot with stunning beach views, El Caldero allows you to soak up the vibe of a real fishing village. Imagine sampling fresh, local seafood tapas while watching the sun dip below the horizon – a truly unforgettable experience.

Reviews consistently mention the generous portion sizes, perfect for sharing and trying a variety of dishes. The “deep-fried baby octopus” and “garlic prawns” are frequently mentioned favorites, along with the canarian potatoes.

Live music adds another layer of local flair, with musicians strolling between tables and serenading diners with traditional songs.

Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch with a view, a lively evening of tapas and music, or simply a relaxing drink with a view, El Caldero offers a slice of Canarian authenticity that won’t disappoint.

Piscis: Fresh Seafood and Panoramic Vistas in La Caleta

Piscis La Caleta

This restaurant specializes in fresh catches from the sea, offering diners a chance to savor the bounty of the Canary Islands in a beautiful setting.

Reviewers consistently praise the quality and portion sizes of the seafood dishes.

The “sea bass” is a frequently mentioned favorite, consistently described as “fabulously fresh” and “beautifully cooked.”

Beyond the fresh fish, diners rave about the “massive portions” and the variety on the menu, catering to both seafood aficionados and those with slightly pickier palates.

The star of the show at Piscis, however, might just be the view.

Situated directly overlooking the sea in La Caleta, the restaurant offers diners panoramic vistas that are perfect for a romantic evening or a memorable lunch with friends and family.

Friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere complete the picture, making Piscis a popular choice for anyone seeking a memorable experience.

Just be aware that bread and water are brought to the table automatically and come with a charge.

La Cava: A Family-Friendly Restaurant in La Caleta

La Cava La Caleta Restaurant

La Cava offers a welcoming and casual dining experience in La Caleta, Tenerife.

This hidden gem caters to a variety of tastes, making it a great choice for families or groups with mixed preferences.

While it might not boast the ocean views of other restaurants in the area, La Cava makes up for it with delicious food, friendly service, and a warm atmosphere.

The reviews on Facebook, trip advisor and tick toc consistently highlight the quality and value for money of the menu.

Diners have commented about the “best lasagna I’ve ever tasted,” homemade and bursting with flavor at a very reasonable price.

Beyond the lasagna, other dishes like the “chicken escalope” and pizzas are consistently praised.

The “dough balls with Nutella” dessert seems to be a crowd-pleaser, a perfect way to end a satisfying meal.

Beyond the delicious food, customers also commend the friendly and attentive staff.

One instance mentions the staff going above and beyond to accommodate a New Year’s Eve booking mix-up, ensuring a memorable dining experience for a family.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal in a relaxed setting, La Cava is definitely worth a visit.

While the lack of a sea view might be a drawback for some, the friendly service and tasty food make it a strong contender for one of La Caleta’s best restaurants.

Mirlo: Upscale Tapas with Stunning Ocean Views in La Caleta

Mirlo stands out in La Caleta’s restaurant scene, offering a sophisticated take on Mediterranean cuisine served in a tapas style.

While it may be slightly pricier than some of its neighbors, reviewers consistently praise the quality of the food and the stunning ocean views, making it a worthwhile splurge.

Customers mainly comment about the “beautifully presented” and “freshly made” dishes, highlighting the “top quality food” and “excellent” flavors.

The menu, while not extensive, offers a variety of choices, perfect for those who prefer to try a little bit of everything.

The “goat cheese starter” and various fish dishes are frequent favorites, with reviewers especially impressed by the “fabulous” and “fresh” seafood.

Mirlo’s charm extends beyond the food.

The restaurant boasts a beautiful location right on the water’s edge, offering diners a breathtaking view of the bay at La Caleta.

The staff is another highlight, consistently described as “caring,” “funny,” and “attentive.” They readily offer recommendations and explanations of menu items, adding to the overall dining experience.

So, if you’re looking for a memorable evening of good food, great service, and stunning views, Mirlo is a perfect choice. Be prepared for slightly higher prices, but take comfort in knowing you’re getting excellent value for your money. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or simply seeking a delicious and scenic dining experience, Mirlo won’t disappoint.

Rosso Sul Mare: An Italian Gem with Amazing Sunsets in La Caleta


This popular Italian restaurant offers an outstanding dining experience, perfect for a romantic evening or a memorable dinner with friends and family.

The highlight for many diners is the restaurant’s unbeatable location.

Perched right on the seafront, Rosso Sul Mare boasts a terrace with breathtaking views, especially during sunset.

Holiday makers consistently mention the “great view” and the opportunity to “watch the sunset” while enjoying a delicious meal.

Beyond the view, Rosso Sul Mare impresses with its food and service.


Diners consistently praise the quality of the cuisine, describing it as “fantastic” and “worth the price.” The menu offers a “very good variety” of dishes, with “prawns with marmalade” and “fillet steak” being frequently mentioned favorites.

The wine list also receives high marks, with knowledgeable staff offering recommendations to perfectly complement your meal. The service itself is described as “excellent” and “attentive,” ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

While there can sometimes be a wait for reservations due to its popularity, most diners agree that it’s well worth the planning ahead.

Whether you’re seeking delicious Italian food, refreshing cocktails at a decent price, or simply an unforgettable sunset view, Rosso Sul Mare delivers on all fronts. Just be sure to book in advance, especially if you have your heart set on enjoying a meal with a spectacular ocean backdrop.

Sublime: Mediterranean Delights with Sunset Views in La Caleta

Sublime La Caleta Restaurant

Sublime in La Caleta offers a taste of the Mediterranean in a relaxed and welcoming setting.

This restaurant is a popular choice for both locals and visitors seeking delicious food, attentive service, and stunning sunset views.

While the menu might be on the smaller side, it offers something for everyone.

Reviewers highlight the use of “fresh ingredients” and praise the variety that caters to different palates, from families with young children to discerning adults.

Dishes like the “spicy Argentinian shrimps” are frequently mentioned favorites. Sublime seems to be a family-run establishment, where the “staff care” and go the extra mile to ensure a positive dining experience.

One reviewer mentions exceptional service from “Esme,” who made their experience truly unforgettable.

Beyond the food, the highlight of Sublime is undoubtedly the view. Nestled in La Caleta, the restaurant offers a beautiful backdrop for enjoying a leisurely meal or sipping on drinks as the sun dips below the horizon.

Customers consistently mention the “amazing sunset view,” making Sublime a perfect choice for a romantic evening or a memorable gathering with friends and family.

So, whether you’re looking for a delicious Mediterranean meal, refreshing drinks with a view, or simply a place to relax and soak up the atmosphere of La Caleta, Sublime is a strong contender.

Don’t be discouraged by the slightly limited menu; the fresh ingredients, friendly service, and unbeatable views make it a worthwhile visit.

The Outcome

From breathtaking beachfront settings to cozy, family-run gems, each restaurant offers a unique atmosphere and an emphasis on fresh, delicious food.

The good news? The majority focus on seafood, making this a seafood-loving family’s dream come true!

Whether you’re looking for an intimate celebration with stunning sunset views or a lively tapas bar with a taste of local culture, La Caleta has something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

You don’t have to just focus on the restaurants here, just down the coast there is Costa Adeje followed by Playa de las Americas and finally Los Cristianos; which all host some very special restaurants.

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Playa de las Americas Restaurants

7 Best Playa De Las Americas Restaurants

In this blog we give you the best restaurants in Playa de las américas from our own perspective and from that of close friends.

Playa de las Americas has some of the best restaurants in the canary islands, from fresh seafood platters to sizzling tandoori grills, the restaurants in las americas have it all.

But with so many options, how do you choose where to dine? 

Whether you’re craving a romantic beachfront meal or a lively family-friendly spot, we’ve curated a list of the top restaurants Playa de las américas has to offer.

Friends Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Friends bar Las Americas Tenerife

Friends Lounge Bar & Restaurant is a strong contender for one of the best restaurants in Playa de las américas.

Opened in July 2013, it has quickly gained a reputation for delicious food, friendly service, and a beautiful setting.

We heard lots of people rave about the breathtaking views of the ocean and Playa Las Vistas beach, making it a perfect location to eat.

Chef & owner Mundo’s special dishes are a highlight, but people consistently praise everything from the choice of fresh local fish to the tapas you would find in mainland Spain.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening under the stars or a fun family outing, Friends Lounge Bar & Restaurant seems to have something for everyone.

With a focus on reasonably priced, high-quality food and friendly staff. The restaurant offers a variety of options like tapas, tandoori dishes, and BBQ meats, it’s easy to see why customers keep coming back for more.

View from Friends Bar Tenerife
View from Friends Bar Las Americas

Empire Restaurant & Steakhouse

Empire Steakhouse Las Americas

Empire modern British restaurant is a must-visit for any steak lover holidaying in Playa de las américas.

Consistently rated among the resort town’s best, Empire offers an award-winning selection of steaks and iconic dishes in a sophisticated setting.

My in-laws raved about the incredible quality of the meat, with Ronnie (father-in-law) saying it was the one of the best meals he had in Tenerife.

The option to cook your steak yourself on a hot stone adds a touch of interactivity and fun to the dining experience.

While it’s on the pricier side, it’s worth every penny, especially for a special occasion, providing you with some excellent food.

The friendly staff is another highlight, with many praising their attentiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.

From pre-booking birthday celebrations complete with singing waiters to birthday discounts through their app, Empire seems dedicated to making your meal memorable.

Be sure to book in advance, though, as this popular spot fills up quickly!

Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant

Tandoori Hut Restaurant Las Americas

Tandoori Hut might be easy to miss, tucked away near Los Cardones hotel, but don’t let its unassuming exterior fool you.

This family-run restaurant is a Playa de las américas gem, consistently praised for its incredible Indian food and extensive menu. 

Customers rave about the quality of the dishes, claiming it’s some of the best they’ve ever had.

Tandoori Hut offer a wide selection of Indian dishes, including curries, wraps, and appetizers.

The chicken tikka masala is well-balanced and not overly creamy, and that the onion bhajis are cooked to perfection well.

Beyond the delicious food, the warm hospitality truly sets Tandoori Hut apart.

The family takes pride in friendly service, and customers consistently commend the staff’s attentiveness and welcoming nature.

They even accommodate last-minute diners, ensuring everyone has a chance to experience their flavorful curries and tandoori specialties.

So next time you’re craving Indian food in Playa de las américas, keep an eye out for Tandoori Hut – a really nice restaurant and hidden gem waiting to be discovered!

The Bank American Restaurant & Steakhouse

The Bank Restaurant Playa de las Americas

Fancy a luxurious steakhouse in Playa de las américas? Look no further than The Bank Steakhouse, opened in 2023 and already very popular.

Located on the Golden Mile in Las Americas, Tenerife.

The restaurant is a bit on the expensive side but the food and the ambiance is worth it

This upscale American eatery consistently ranks among the resort town’s best, offering a combination of sizzling steaks, impeccable service, and a sophisticated ambiance.

Step inside The Bank and be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic tête-à-tête or a fun family outing, The Bank caters to all. The option for heated or open-air dining allows you to choose the perfect setting for your occasion.

But the true star of the show at The Bank is the steak.

The quality of the cuts and being cooked to absolute perfection and bursting with flavor makes it one of the best restaurants in Playa de las américas.

Beyond the incredible food, The Bank offers a stunning visual experience. The open kitchen allows you to witness culinary magic firsthand, while the dry-aging room and gorgeous wine cellar add a touch of sophistication.

So if you’re looking to indulge in a memorable steak dinner in Playa de las américas, The Bank Steakhouse is the perfect place to splurge.

Mrs Miyagi’s Asian Restaurant

Mrs Miyagis Restaurant Playa de las Americas

Mrs. Miyagi’s Asian Kitchen in Playa de las américas is a must-try for anyone visiting the area that fancies some Asian food especially Thai food.

Not only do they provide great food, the atmosphere and service are fantastic too.

People queue most nights between 7 and 9 so I would recommend you pre book your table. This is a testament to the restaurant’s popularity.

This can be done via Facebook or the adventure app.

What truly sets Mrs. Miyagi’s apart is the exceptional value it offers.

We spent a very reasonable €60 for a meal for a family of four(2 Adults, a 6 year old and a 3 year old), which even included a bottle of wine.

The food itself is delicious, while the service is praised for being friendly and attentive, just like at other Venture Group restaurants.

If you’re looking for a vibrant and enjoyable Asian dining experience in Playa de las Americas, look no further than Mrs. Miyagi’s.

Don’t forget to download the Venture Group app for potential reservations, rewards points, and exclusive offers!

You can find Mrs. Miyagi’s just along from The Patch, right beside Wakanda and opposite PJs.

Vegas Grill Steakhouse Restaurant

Vegas Grill Restaurant Playa de las Americas

When we were on holiday in 2023 with the in-laws, they had a meal in the Vegas Grill and absolutely loved it.

They stumbled upon this gem while searching for a steak restaurant, and let me tell you, it sounds like they hit the jackpot.

While they noticed that reservations are recommended for larger groups (more than 2-3 people), they managed to snag a table without one.

There might have been a bit of a wait, but they assured me it was absolutely worth it.

Apparently, the food was “unbelievable” and the service was top-notch, justifying every penny spent.

Think of Vegas Grill as a special occasion kind of place.

It might be a bit pricier than their usual haunts, but for a truly memorable meal, it sounds like the perfect treat.

They mentioned the restaurant is located opposite The Family Garden, and the coolest part?

Fancy stairs with Vegas-themed lights set the scene for a fun and vibrant experience.

Just a heads-up though, if you are traveling with young children, they recommend bringing an iPad or other entertainment incase there is a bit of a wait.

Bianco’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Bianco's Italian Restaurant Playa de las Americas

We had the most amazing dinner at Bianco’s in Playa de las Americas, in our last night, and let me tell you, it was a total experience for the whole family!

We were actually staying in Costa Adeje at the time, but after hearing great reviews we decided to take a taxi to las americas to try the restaurant for ourselves.

It’s not just your average Italian place – it’s like stepping into a party for your taste buds.

The second we walked in, the smell of fresh pizzas and pastas hit us – it was seriously mouthwatering!

The whole place was buzzing with energy and had a very welcoming atmosphere – there was music playing and it just felt really fun.

Bianco’s motto seems to be “fresh pasta, fresh flavors, fresh party!” They weren’t kidding – everything we ordered tasted incredible.

It felt like each dish was made just for us, and the portions were perfect. We definitely recommend trying the pink sangria by the way – it was the perfect holiday drink summer in a glass!

This place seems super popular though, because it was packed! Good thing we made a reservation beforehand – you might want to do the same, especially if you’re interested in their bottomless brunch option (which sounds amazing!).

The staff were fantastic too, providing outstanding service – super friendly and helpful, even with the kids bouncing around.

Overall, Bianco’s was a total win for our family night out.

It also has a brunch menu, so if you are looking for somewhere to go for either breakfast or lunch you should try Bianco’s out.

We all had a blast, the food was incredible, and the atmosphere was just electric.

If you’re looking for a fun and delicious Italian meal in Playa de las Americas, Bianco’s is definitely a place to go, at any time of the day!

Final Thought on Playa de las Americas Restaurants

Playa de las Americas offers a delicious array of dining options, from fresh Asian flavors at Mrs. Miyagi’s to perfectly cooked steaks at Vegas Grill, and everything in between.

Whether you’re craving a romantic evening with exquisite cocktails at Bianco’s, a fun-filled family dinner with vibrant energy, or a casual and delicious meal watching the sun set, there’s a restaurant that will cater for you.

Also if you fancy to head out slightly there are some fantastic restaurants in Los CristianosCosta Adeje and La Caleta.



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Best restaurants in los cristianos

7 Best Los Cristianos Restaurants

In this blog I will talk about what I found to be the best restaurants in Los Cristianos Tenerife.

Los Cristianos is a vibrant resort town in Tenerife, Spain, brimming with fantastic restaurants.

Whether you crave the freshest seafood caught that very morning, a taste of authentic Spain, or a delicious meal that caters to the whole family, Los Cristianos has something to tantalize your taste buds.

Lucky 7: Burger Restaurant with a View

Lucky 7 Burger Restaurant Los Cristianos

Craving a juicy burger with a good location ? Look no further than Lucky 7’s Burger Joint in Los Cristianos!

Lucky 7’s is open Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm to 10pm, so be sure to swing by for lunch, dinner, or a casual evening drink at the bar.

Since opening in January 2016, Greg and Natasha have been serving up the best burgers in town, using fresh, high-quality beef from the same trusted butcher for years.

This friendly, family-run restaurant offers delicious burgers and stunning beach views.

They’re also child-friendly, so bring the whole family for a fun and filling meal.

Their menu offers delicious flame-grilled burgers sure to satisfy any craving.

Craving a juicy indulgence? Go for the “Original Double Smash.” Feeling adventurous? The “Dirty Burger” with its secret sauce will tantalize your taste buds.

They even have vegetarian options like the veggie burger, and lighter bites like the rocket and pesto number.

Whether you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger, a taste bud-tingling spicy option, or a refreshing passion fruit daquiri, Lucky 7’s has something for everyone.

With rave reviews about the food, service, and atmosphere, it’s no wonder Lucky 7’s is a local favorite!

Taberna Vasca Txupinazo Tapas

tapas restaurant los cristianos

Craving a taste of authentic Spain under the warm Tenerife sun (sol del sur)?

Look no further than Taberna Vasca Txupinazo in Los Cristianos!

This hidden gem, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Playa de las Americas offers an unforgettable tapas experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Taberna Vasca Txupinazo is a favorite among locals (los playeros) and tourists alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned tapas aficionado or a curious newcomer, the friendly staff will make you feel welcome and guide you through their extensive menu.

Don’t be surprised to hear them speak a mix of Spanish and English, catering to visitors from all corners of the globe.

The warm, rustic ambiance creates a truly special dining experience. Snag a seat outdoors and soak up the lively atmosphere, or settle in for a cozy evening inside.

One thing’s for sure: at Taberna Vasca Txupinazo, it’s all about good food.

Fresh, high-quality ingredients are transformed into culinary masterpieces.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of tapas, from classic favorites like croquets (fried, breaded bites) with unique fillings like mussels and squid ink, to more adventurous options like peppers stuffed with cod sauce and langoustines crujiente (crispy prawns).

Don’t forget to indulge in their special Navarro sausage – it’s a local favorite for a reason!

Be sure to book your table in advance, especially during peak season.

This hidden gem fills up fast, and with good reason!

With rave reviews about the food, service, and atmosphere, Taberna Vasca Txupinazo is a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic tapas meal in Los Cristianos.

Taberna Vasca Txupinazo recently won the Nacional contest as the BEST Cachopo in Canary Island.

Players Lounge

Players lounge Restaurant los cristianos

The Players lounge is in a great location tucked directly across from the beautiful Las Vistas Beach in Los Cristianos, it stands out as a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

This modern, family-run beachfront gem boasts incredible beachside views that are perfect for soaking up the Tenerife sunshine or enjoying a magical sunset.

Whether you’re craving light bites and sandwiches for a casual lunch, or a juicy steak for a more substantial meal, Players Lounge has something to satisfy every appetite. 

And no meal is complete without a refreshing drink – their extensive cocktail menu promises something to quench everyone’s thirst.

But Players Lounge isn’t just about the food and drinks.

Sports fans will be happy to find big screen TVs showcasing all the major football matches giving it a great atmosphere to immerse yourself in to .

While the adults enjoy the game, the kids can stay entertained with the child-friendly atmosphere.

Plus, with free Wi-Fi and friendly bartenders ready to assist with anything you need, Players Lounge truly offers a well-rounded experience.

The warm hospitality of the English-run bar ensures everyone feels welcome, and the fantastic service, where nothing is too much trouble.


Fortuna Restaurant Los Cristianos

If you’re searching for a truly unforgettable dining experience for a special occasion, look no further than Fortuna.

This hidden gem, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip, behind Av. de Suecia, has quickly become a favorite in the area.

Fortuna offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with friends.

Whether you choose to dine indoors or al fresco, you’ll be treated to exceptional service by the friendly and attentive staff.

One customer even called their attention “the best of the best”!

But the real star of the show at Fortuna is, of course, the food, all freshly prepared and beautifully presented.

This family-run restaurant takes pride in their elegant interior, using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create delicious dishes cooked to order.

Customers rave about the succulent lamb shank, calling it “the best I’ve ever had!” Other diners praise the extensive menu with rave reviews for everything from seafood to pasta.

Fortuna offers fantastic value for money, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Pro Tip: Book your table in advance, especially during peak season! This little gem tends to get busy, and you don’t want to miss out on one of the best restaurants in Los Cristianos.

Locanda: Best Italian Restaurant Los Cristianos

Locanda Los Cristianos Italian

Locanda is a highly rated Italian restaurant in Los Cristianos.

With its mouth watering italian cuisine, Pastas, like the ravioli, are bursting with flavor, and the spaghetti bolognese is legendary for its size!

Even the desserts are a star attraction, with apple tart being a particular favorite.

Locanda Italiana offers a delightful atmosphere on the popular Mirador strip, perfect for enjoying a delicious meal while taking in the sights.

The friendly service and exceptional food keep customers coming back for more. They’re a local favorite and often packed, so reservations are recommended, especially during peak season.

If you’re looking for a more casual option, they also offer takeout, making them a great choice for a cozy night in.

With a varied menu featuring Italian classics prepared by Italian chefs, Locanda Italiana caters to a wide range of tastes.

From succulent chicken cacciatore to melt-in-your-mouth fillet steak, there’s something for everyone.

Pimms Restaurant

Pimms Restaurant Los Cristianos

Located in the heart of Los Cristianos across from the beach, Restaurante Pimms is a family run restaurant enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Their menu offers something for everyone to eat, from typical Spanish tapas to a taste of Britain and Mexico all at a very reasonable price.

We can’t recommend their homemade wonders enough. The steak pie, a classic British comfort food, is sure to satisfy. 

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try the “Hit the Road Jack” burger, or the fresh “Cód fish marinera style,” a Canarian specialty.

But Pimms isn’t just about the food. They’re famous for their amazing cocktails, particularly their Mojitos.

Made with dark rum and a secret family recipe, they’re the perfect way to end a delightful meal under the Los Cristianos sun.

Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or a night out with friends, Pimms offers a fantastic atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious food at a great price.

El Cine Seafood Restaurant

los cristianos Restaurant El Cine

El Cine Restaurant in Los Cristianos quickly became a favorite of ours on our recent trip to Tenerife with its array of fresh fish.

Tucked away a street back from the beach, it has a local charm that’s a welcome change from the busier tourist spots.

We highly recommend making a reservation, as this hidden gem is quite popular we arrived early and there were already queues outside.

The restaurant bustles with locals, a testament to its quality and authenticity.

We dove into the freshest of seafood, enjoying perfectly grilled prawns, mackerel, tuna steak and sea bass.

Each dish was accompanied by classic Canarian sides: papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and a refreshing tomato salad.

El Cine offers exceptional value for the quality of the food. Run by Juan Carlos, the service is friendly and efficient.

The menu may not be extensive, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in exceptional freshness.

In fact, the food was so good, we found ourselves returning for a second night in a row!

If you’re looking for delicious, no-frills seafood in Los Cristianos, El Cine is a must-try.

Final Review

Los Cristianos is a haven for both adventurous foodies and families seeking a relaxing and delicious dining experience.

Whether you’re craving fresh seafood caught that very morning, classic Spanish tapas, or something familiar from back home, Los Cristianos has a restaurant to tantalize your taste buds.

For families, there are numerous restaurants with a welcoming atmosphere and menus that cater to even the pickiest eaters.

Places like Restaurante Pimms boast a delightful mix of cuisines, from homemade British steak pie to Mexican favorites with a Canarian twist.

These family-run gems often offer outdoor seating, perfect for soaking up the Los Cristianos sunshine while enjoying a leisurely meal.

Venturing beyond the familiar, Los Cristianos offers a chance to explore the culinary delights of Spain.

El Cine Restaurant, tucked away a street back from the beach, is a local favorite known for its incredibly fresh seafood.

Here, you can experience perfectly grilled fish alongside traditional Canarian sides like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and refreshing tomato salad.

Los Cristianos caters to every budget as well. Many restaurants offer fantastic value, ensuring a delicious meal won’t break the bank.

This, combined with the abundance of family-friendly options and fresh, local ingredients, makes Los Cristianos a culinary paradise for any type of traveler.

If you are looking out for an Indian restaurant there is one that we highly rate only 10 minutes walk away in Playa de las americas called Tandoori Hut that does fantastic Indian food. There is also one in Los cristianos but we haven’t been to it to review.

Another restaurant in las americas not far away is the Vegas Grill if you fancy a top fillet steak.

One restaurant I should mention is La Paloma, our family or ourselves have never eaten in there but we constantly here great reviews about it.

Also if you fancy venturing out to Playa de las americas you can view our best restaurants here, or even further take a nice walk to Costa Adeje and further on to La Caleta, there is plenty of food options for every occasion.

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Restaurants with a view Costa Adeje

Best Bars and Restaurants in Costa Adeje Overlooking the Sea

There is an array of bars and restaurants in Costa Adej e Overlooking the Sea, from beach restaurants, to trendy roof top terraces, all perfect for indulging in creative cocktails while soaking in the mesmerising coastal scenery from rooftop bars offering panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.

From Mediterranean cuisine to International cuisine there is something for everyone. 

Qomo Restaurant Peurto Colon

Qomo Restaurant view Costa Adeje

Opened in early 2023 by Kristof and Sven, Qomo Restaurant in Costa Adeje is the perfect spot for diners seeking an exceptional culinary experience with some delicious food.

Their menu features high-end dishes crafted with fresh ingredients.

What truly elevates Qomo is its luxurious and modern terrace and spectacular view, whilst having an alfresco dining experience.

The restaurant boasts a terrace overlooking the picturesque La Pinta Beach, giving it the same experience as a rooftop bar.

During summer, you can witness a breathtaking spectacle as the sun dips into the ocean, painting the sky in fiery hues.

At night the ambience transforms, there is normally a live singer or you can just chill out to the deep house background music. This creates a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening or a memorable night out.

Chillout cocktail bar at the side of the terrace.


Qomo restaurant with a view
Qomo restaurant with a view

Adding to the interactive dining experience, Qomo offers a unique tableside grill option.

Imagine sizzling steaks cooked to perfection right at your table, allowing you to customize them to your liking.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a delicious meal with a view, Qomo Restaurant promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Qomo restaurant with a view


Northern Quarter Bar Puerto Colon

Northern Quarter Bar with a view

Perched on the the bustling Marina at Puerto Colon, overlooking the picturesque La Pinta Beach, lies The Northern Quarter Bar, a vibrant hotspot owned by Shannen Hehir.

Since its inauguration on July 2020, this establishment has quickly become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike, offering not only stunning views but also an unbeatable atmosphere.

While the Northern Quarter Bar may have shifted its focus away from food, its reputation for excellence remains unwavering.

Customers can still indulge in a delightful array of beverages while soaking up the sun-kissed vistas of La Pinta Beach.

From noon until 8 PM, guests can unwind in this relaxing environment, immersing themselves in the laid-back ambiance that permeates every corner.

Northern Quarter Bar with a view
Northern Quarter Bar with a view

What sets The Northern Quarter apart is its eclectic musical selection, featuring the soulful rhythms of Northern Soul, the infectious beats of Ska, and the soothing melodies of Reggae giving a fantastic lively atmosphere.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the atmosphere is further enhanced by live entertainment on Fridays, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to the experience.

Despite not serving food, The Northern Quarter offers a unique option for those seeking a satisfying brunch experience with their bottomless brunch package.

Customers can pre-order this indulgent treat and enjoy it against the backdrop of the marina and beach, making for an unforgettable morning or afternoon.

The bar’s interior exudes a welcoming charm, with ample space for customers to dance the day away on the great dance floor.

Whether you’re sipping on a refreshing cocktail or tapping your feet to the rhythm, The Northern Quarter promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

In summary, The Northern Quarter Bar in Costa Adeje stands out as an establishment of relaxation and entertainment, offering fantastic views, exceptional music, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Amalfi Italian Restaurant Torviscas

Amalfi Restaurant view Costa Adeje

The Amalfi Restaurant in Costa Adeje offers a remarkable dining experience characterized by its breathtaking panoramic views and Italian cuisine.

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Costa Adeje, this restaurant boasts stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and Torviscas Beach, creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the dining experience.

As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by an inviting atmosphere with elegant decoration and a welcoming staff.

The dining area is designed to maximize the views, with large windows, that when the weather is nice will be removed so you will be outside, offering uninterrupted sights of the azure waters and rugged coastline.

The culinary offerings at Amalfi are a true reflection of Italian gastronomy, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes.

Amalfi Restaurant view Costa Adeje
Amalfi Restaurant view Costa Adeje

From classic pasta dishes bursting with flavor to succulent seafood specialties, every dish is crafted with precision and passion. Guests can expect to savor the rich flavors of Italy, from homemade pastas to delectable risottos and mouthwatering desserts. Amalfi also has several vegan options available.

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner for two or celebrating a special occasion with friends and family,

Amalfi Restaurant provides a memorable dining experience that combines exquisite cuisine with unparalleled views.

It’s the perfect destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Italy with fantastic views of the sea, making it one of the best restaurants in Costa Adeje.

This restaurant also features in our 7 Best Restaurants in Costa Adeje blog.


The Seahorse Restaurant Fanabe

Seahorse  Restaurant view Costa Adeje

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Fanabe, Costa Adeje, the Seahorse Restaurant is a hidden gem run by Mark and Ela.

Its unbeatable location offers customers a stunning view of the Atlantic ocean, creating a serene and idyllic dining experience.

What makes it stand out from other beach restaurants is that the moment you step in, you’re greeted with warmth and relaxation, characteristic of this well-maintained establishment.

The ambiance is friendly and laid-back, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration.

Cleanliness and efficiency are evident in every aspect of the restaurant, reflecting Mark and Ela’s dedication to providing top-notch service.

Seahorse Restaurant view Costa Adeje

The team are exceptional hosts, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well-cared for.

The culinary offerings are nothing short of excellence, with a menu featuring fresh and homemade tapas along with plenty of vegetarian options that tantalize the taste buds.

The standout dishes, such as the chicken tacos and Mac cheese bombs, have garnered rave reviews, leaving diners craving for more.

But it’s not just the amazing food that steals the show; the delicious cocktails are a must-try, with favorites like the “Summer in a Glass” and the tantalizing strawberry & passionfruit sangria.

As you sip on your drink, you can soak in the breathtaking views of the sea, creating a truly unforgettable dining experience.

For those seeking a relaxed evening by the waterfront, Seahorse Restaurant ticks all the boxes. With no intrusive TV sound, just fabulous music, patrons can enjoy their meals in peace while basking in the tranquil atmosphere.

Though tucked away in a quieter area of Playa Fanabe, Seahorse Restaurant is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Due to its popularity, booking ahead is recommended, especially during peak times.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a casual night out, Seahorse Restaurant promises an unforgettable experience with its great tapas, signature cocktails, and unparalleled sea views.

Seahorse Seahorse Restaurant view Costa Adeje



Luuma Restaurant Fanabe

Luuma Restaurant view Costa Adeje

Luuma restaurant and bar in Costa Adeje is all about the location. Perched right above the beach, it boasts fantastic views of Fanabe beach, especially at sunset.

If you’re looking for a place to relax with a drink and soak up the scenery, this is definitely the spot. However, keep in mind that reservations aren’t accepted, so be prepared to wait for a table, especially during peak hours.

The service can also be a bit on the slow side due to the constant buzz.

Luuma Restaurant view Costa Adeje
Luuma Restaurant view Costa Adeje

While the food menu is decent, Luuma might not be your first choice for a fancy dining experience. However, their pizzas are delicious and a perfect option to share alongside your drinks while you take in the stunning views.

So head to Luuma for a laid-back evening with breathtaking scenery and tasty pizzas.

Blue Cactus Restaurant Torviscas

Blue Cactus Restaurant view Costa Adeje 

Perched over the golden sands of Torviscas Beach, the Blue Cactus Bar in Costa Adeje is a great location for those seeking value, quality, and a breathtaking sunset experience.

From the moment you step onto its welcoming terrace, you’re embraced by the charm of the place.

The ambiance is hip and inviting, perfect for indulging in a laid-back dining experience or simply enjoying a drink while watching sports with friends.

Outdoor dining is a highlight, allowing guests to soak up the warm Tenerife breeze as they dine.

The menu is expansive, catering to every palate with its tantalizing array of options.

Whether you’re craving a sizzling steak, authentic Italian pizza, or delectable tapas, Blue Cactus has you covered.

And for those on the go, their takeaway pizzas are not only delicious but also impressively generous in size.

Service is prompt and attentive, with staff going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

But perhaps the most captivating feature of Blue Cactus is its fantastic views of the beach and the stunning sunset.

Blue cactus with a view
Blue cactus with a view

As day turns into night, diners are treated to a spectacle of nature’s beauty, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink.

Live music adds to the enchantment, creating a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Even on cooler evenings, guests can still enjoy the view thanks to ample heaters scattered throughout the terrace.

In summary, Blue Cactus Bar is more than just a place to eat and drink; it’s an experience.

With its stunning views, mouthwatering cuisine, and attentive service, the Blue Cactus is a wonderful place to visit.


Final Thoughts

All of these bars boast breathtaking views that vary depending on your location.

From sunrise to sunset, these bars provide the perfect vantage point to witness the stunning sea views of the Costa Adeje coastline. All in all we have given you some of the best bars and restaurants in costa adeje over looking the sea.

If you travel about 3 Kilometers north of Costa Adeje you will come to La Caleta which is full of restaurants on the sea with fantastic views.


Best Bars and Restaurants in Costa Adeje Overlooking the Sea Read More »

best bars in Costa Adeje

15 Best Costa Adeje Bars in Tenerife

Costa Adeje has some of the best bars in all of Tenerife.

From family entertainment bars to romantic cocktail bars at reasonable prices, there is something for every occasion. We even have a separate page for our best sports bars in Costa Adeje.

So be prepared to enjoy the great Costa Adeje nightlife with a few drinks.

Family Bars in Costa Adeje

Finding the perfect family bar for your family can really help everyone relax and have a good time for both parents and kids.


Scallywags Family Bar Costa Adeje

Scallywags is one of the best bars for family entertainment in Tenerife! It is a great bar for both adults and kids alike with its very relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

It is located across from La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel and La Pinta Beach.

Let your little ones loose on the dance floor with daily mini discos and Pirate themed entertainment.

They’ll be jigging and grooving to their favorite tunes, all while making new friends.

When they need a break from dancing, there’s a bounty of fun games to keep them entertained.

Parents can kick back with a few drinks and enjoy live entertainment throughout the week.

From the king himself, Elvis, to the smooth sounds of the Jersey Boys, there’s a tribute act to please every musical fancy.

And if you fancy yourself a singer, then why not belt out a tune during their family karaoke nights?

Scallywags promises an unforgettable adventure for the whole family, so raise a glass and prepare for a rollicking good time!

Mister Sister Showbar

Mr Sister Showbar Costa Adeje

The costa Adeje nightlife starts here. If you’re looking for a touch of outrageous fun, then Mister Sister is the place to be for their famous drag shows.

Get ready for dazzling costumes, hilarious performances, and plenty of audience interaction. But the entertainment doesn’t stop there.

You can also catch tribute acts channeling the energy of legends like the Blues Brothers or Lady Gaga.

And if you fancy belting out your own tunes, Mister Sister regularly hosts karaoke nights, perfect showing off in front of the family (and in-laws in my case 🙁 ).

For a more relaxed evening, they sometimes have bingo and quiz nights, offering the chance to test your knowledge and win prizes.

Football fans won’t be left out either, as the bar shows plenty of live matches.

Check out our Mister Sister Sports Bars page here.

Situated just off the popular Fanabe Beach, the Mister Sister Show Bar is conveniently located for a post-beach outing.

If you’re looking for some pre-show entertainment, you’ll find a crazy golf course right across the street, making it a perfect spot for a fun-filled evening in Costa Adeje.

Sinatra’s: That’s Life

Sinatras Sunset Bay Costa Adeje Bars

Escape the hustle and bustle of the bars on the main streets and head to Sinatra’s That’s Life Sunset Bay for a delightful American dining experience. This bar is a haven for relaxation, boasting a charming outdoor seating area tucked away from busy roads in a quaint square.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind and let the kids have some space to play safely.

But Sinatra’s isn’t just about the peaceful setting. They’re famous for their vibrant Sunday sessions, kicking off with live entertainment at 4 pm.

The “Sole Brothers” (be sure to check if this information is current) or other talented performers create a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a delicious meal and soaking up the lively vibes.

Sinatras Sunset Bay


Speaking of delicious meals, Sinatra’s menu caters to all appetites.

Craving a taste of home? Their Sunday roast is a must-try. Looking for something lighter? Fresh seafood dishes showcase the bounty of the Canary Islands.

And no visit to Sinatra’s is complete without indulging in their signature drink – the famous 2-for-12-euro strawberry daiquiris!

Renowned for their generous measures, they’re the perfect way to cool down under the Tenerife sun.

Cocktail Bars in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a paradise for cocktail lovers, with a vibrant bar scene offering an explosion of flavors and creativity.

While narrowing it down was tough, these three spots truly stole the show for us.

Each boasts a unique atmosphere and cocktail expertise, ensuring there’s something to tantalize every taste bud.

Whether you crave a relaxed vibe with stunning ocean views or a lively scene with handcrafted concoctions, these bars guarantee an unforgettable cocktail experience in Costa Adeje.

Bar Fresh Bar Fresh Costa Adeje Bars

Set sail for romance or a fun night out with friends at Bar Fresh, Costa Adeje’s unique cruise ship-shaped bar and taste some of their great cocktails!

This quirky venue offers a truly unforgettable experience, whether you’re looking for a romantic rendezvous or a lively pre-party atmosphere in one of the best bars for watching the sunset.

Indulge in breathtaking sunset views as you sip on one of their expertly crafted cocktails.

Bar Fresh boasts not just one, but two distinct cocktail lists to tantalize your taste buds. For the classic connoisseur, their “Classic Collection” features timeless favorites prepared to perfection.Bar Fresh Cocktails

Feeling adventurous? Set your sights on the “Sunset Selection,” a vibrant array of cocktails designed to perfectly complement the fiery hues of the Costa Adeje sunset.

Each drink in this collection is a symphony of fresh flavors and colors, guaranteed to elevate your sunset experience.

So, step aboard Bar Fresh and embark on a delightful cocktail adventure.

 With its unique shape, stunning setting, and diverse drink options, Bar Fresh is the perfect place to share a romantic moment, catch up with friends, or simply soak up the magic of a Costa Adeje sunset.

We also feature this bar in the Best Bars in Tenerife blog.

SolisSolis Costa Adeje Bars

Escape to Solis, Costa Adeje’s hidden gem, and immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere that’s equal parts stylish and welcoming.

This beautiful outdoor venue boasts sparkling clean surroundings, perfect for a relaxed and sophisticated evening.

The true stars of Solis are their exceptional cocktails.

Their talented mixologists craft innovative and delicious drinks, sure to tantalize even the most discerning palate.

Solis Costa Adeje Bars

Whether you crave a classic margarita with a squeeze of lemon juice, a martini or a unique, modern concoction, Solis has something to quench your thirst.

But Solis caters to more than just your desire for a cocktail. 

They also offer a fantastic gluten-free menu, ensuring everyone can enjoy their delectable offerings.

So whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or simply seeking a stylish and delicious escape, Solis promises an unforgettable experience.


Tayanos Best bar in costa Adeje

Soak up the Costa Adeje sunshine at Tanyos, a lively bar with a fantastic outdoor seating area.

This prime location across from New Star Indian Tandoori puts you right in the heart of the action just off La Pinta beach, perfect for people-watching and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Tanyos is renowned for its incredible frozen cocktails, and if you’re looking for the best, look no further!

Their legendary Frozen Pornstar Martini is a must-try for any adventurous drinker, packing a delicious punch with its creamy and fruity flavors.

But don’t be afraid to stray from the classics – their Frozen Strawberry & Lime Koppberg is a refreshing summer delight, bursting with zesty lime and sweet strawberry notes.

Whether you’re a frozen cocktail aficionado or simply seeking a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink with friends, Tanyos offers the perfect combination of friendly vibes, delicious drinks, and a fantastic outdoor setting.

So pull up a chair, soak up the sun, and indulge in a taste of Costa Adeje at Tanyos!

Best Beach Bars in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a beach lover’s dream come true, and its vibrant beach bar scene perfectly complements the sun, sand, and surf.

Imagine sinking into a comfy lounge chair at a beachfront bar, the sound of crashing waves mingling with upbeat music.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the atmosphere transforms with twinkling lights and lively chatter.

Whether you’re seeking a laid-back afternoon with a good book or a night of dancing under the stars, Costa Adeje’s beach bars offer the perfect ambience to soak up the island vibes and to enjoy the Costa Adeje nightlife.

Kaluna Beach Club Bar

Kaluna Beach Bar Costa Adeje

Kaluna Beach Club bar in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is a vibrant and trendy hotspot known for its great location, lively atmosphere, and excellent people-watching opportunities.

Situated right by La Pinta Beach, Kaluna offers stunning views of the coastline and the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, providing the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and enjoyment.

The clientele at Kaluna Beach Club tends to skew towards younger adults, creating a lively and energetic ambiance.

One of the highlights of Kaluna is its fantastic ambiance, which makes it an ideal spot to chill out and unwind.

Whether you’re lounging on a sunbed with a refreshing cocktail in hand or dancing to the beats of the DJ’s tunes.

Kaluna offers a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere that appeals to those seeking a mix of relaxation and excitement.

Kaluna Beach Club has excellent amenities, including comfortable seating areas, a stylish bar serving a variety of drinks and cocktails, and delicious cuisine served right to your sunbed.

Overall, Kaluna Beach Club in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, is the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a day of sun, sea, and socializing in a trendy and dynamic environment.

Waves Beach Bar

Waves Beach Bar Costa Adeje


Catch some waves (and delicious cocktails!) at Waves Beach Bar, a chilled-out beachfront bar located right on Torviscas Beach in Costa Adeje.

This laid-back spot offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle, perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying stunning ocean views, while sitting at a table on the beach.

The vibe at Waves Bar is all about relaxation and good times.

Imagine gentle sea breezes carrying the sound of crashing waves, comfortable seating that practically beckons you to sink in, and an atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring.

It’s a great place to connect with friends over refreshing drinks, watch the sunset paint the sky with fiery hues, or simply listen to the calming sounds of the ocean.

While the focus is on relaxation, Waves Bar doesn’t skimp on the drinks.

They offer a variety of cocktails, beers, and other beverages to quench your thirst. 

Whether you fancy a classic Piña Colada to match the beachy vibes, a thirst-quenching beer to cool down after a swim, or something else entirely, Waves Bar has something to tantalize your taste buds.

Monkey Beach Club Bar

Monkey Beach Club Costa Adeje

Monkey Beach Club Bar boasts stunning views of La Gomera Island. Perched above Troya Beach in a prime location, it’s become a must-visit destination in southern Tenerife.

Monkey Beach Club offers a variety of experiences under one roof.

Enjoy appetizers, lunch, dinner, or simply sip cocktails while taking in the breathtaking sunsets.

All this comes with delicious food featuring local ingredients, accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Live Music and Karaoke Bars in Costa Adeje

While we haven’t had the chance to explore every single one, our experiences at these 3 live music and karaoke bars have been truly unforgettable.

From the electrifying singalongs at Moonlight Bar to the heartfelt atmosphere at Wali Haii and the side-splitting comedy at The Pheasant Plucker, these spots offer a diverse mix of entertainment that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

Moonlight Bar: Cocktail & Showbar

Moonlight Bar Cost Adeje Bars

Nestled above Torviscas Beach and right next to Torviscas Spice, Moonlight Bar in Costa Adeje, Tenerife offers an unbeatable combination of stunning scenery, lively entertainment, and a relaxed atmosphere.

This bar isn’t just about the views. On Wednesdays, the place comes alive with exceptional live music starting at 3 pm. 

Get there early! By 2:30 pm, the excellent atmosphere attracts a crowd of all ages, filling every seat for a two-hour singalong led by a talented duo, particularly the Irishman who “plays the crowd magnificently.”

If you’re feeling more adventurous, head inside where “karaoke drawers a crowd”. 

Moonlight Bar also features a variety of entertainment acts, from hilarious Boy George impersonators to classic karaoke nights.

Moonlight Bar Costa Adeje View

Boasting the “best view in Tenerife” Moonlight Bar’s large outdoor space is perfect for soaking up the sun and watching the world go by.

It’s the ideal place to grab a beer, chill out, and witness breathtaking sunsets, painting the sky with vibrant colours.

Whether you crave a lively singalong or a relaxing afternoon basking in the sun with incredible views, Moonlight Bar caters to everyone.

It’s a great spot to unwind, enjoy delicious food from nearby restaurants, and take in the vibrant energy of Costa Adeje.

Pheasant Plucker

Pheasant Plucker Costa Adeje Entertainment Bars

The Pheasant Plucker in Costa Adeje, Tenerife is a must-visit for anyone seeking a fun and lively night out.

Located right across the road from the Iberostar Bouganville Playa hotel, it offers a vibrant atmosphere that’s anything but dull.

You can take part or just sit back and listen to others sing legendary tunes on the karaoke or simply enjoy a show.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there.

The Pheasant Plucker is famous for its drag queens, who put on dazzling performances guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Pheasant Plucker Costa Adeje Bars

If you’re looking for a good laugh, they also host comedy nights, and for a touch of nostalgia, you might even catch “Comedy Elvis” live!

They also have nights dedicated to Motown and soul music, creating a fantastic mix of entertainment options.

The indoor venue at The Pheasant Plucker provides a great atmosphere for enjoying the shows, no matter the weather.

Plus, when you need a break from the dancing and singing, you can refuel with some old fashioned pub grub, which we somehow don’t eat enough of when in Costa Adeje.

Wali Haii: Best Bar In Costa Adeje

The Wali Haii bar in Costa Adeje holds a special place in our hearts! It’s like a tradition for us – we’ve been going there every year for the past 11 years.

The atmosphere is fantastic, with a mix of good vibes

If you’re feeling energetic, there’s karaoke and live music to belt out your favorite tunes or just tap your feet along to.

But Wali Haii also caters to a more relaxed vibe – their cocktails are incredible, and Titch, the compare, is a great host who always makes sure everyone feels welcome.

It’s more than just a restaurant or bar for us, it’s filled with memories. 

In fact, it’s where we celebrated with our first drinks after getting engaged! 

So yeah, Wali Haii definitely holds a special place in our Costa Adeje experiences.

Find out more in our best breakfasts in Costa Adeje as it also serves great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best Irish Bars in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is not only a paradise for sun-seekers but also a haven for those looking to enjoy a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish setting.

Here are some of the top Irish bars where you can soak up the Emerald Isle vibes right in the heart of Tenerife.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar Irish Costa Adeje Bars

The Temple Bar prides itself on being a family-friendly indoor venue that doesn’t skimp on the authentic Irish pub feel.

Right next door to its Irish cousin, The Irish Fiddler, sits Temple Bar on Avenida de España in Costa Adeje.

While both pubs share a lively atmosphere, Temple Bar offers a distinct vibe that caters to a slightly different crowd.

Live Music Temple Bar

With live music  that’ll have you tapping your feet, and a menu filled with Irish favorites, it’s a great place to enjoy a night out with friends and family.

Irish Rover

Irish Rover Costa Adeje Irish Bars

The Irish Rover is known for its infectious energy. Expect a lively crowd, friendly banter, and the occasional foot tapping to traditional Irish tunes.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you’re sure to be made to feel welcome by the friendly staff and the pub’s overall sense of camaraderie.

And what’s an Irish pub without live music? The Irish Rover doesn’t disappoint!

They regularly host live music nights featuring talented musicians playing a mix of classic Irish ballads, popular pub anthems, and even the occasional modern hit.

So grab a Guinness, soak up the craic (good times!), and enjoy a slice of Irish culture in the heart of Costa Adeje.

Irish Fidler

Irish Fiddler Costa Adeje

The Irish fiddler is next door to the Temple Bar.

The pub’s décor is a visual hug – think wooden beams, shamrock accents, and TVs strategically placed to catch all the major sporting events.

But the true heart of the Irish Fiddler lies in its live music.

Most nights, the pub comes alive with the sounds of talented musicians playing a repertoire of Irish folk tunes, singalong classics, and even modern pop hits with an Irish twist.

Irish Fiddler Costa Adeje Bars

The music creates a contagious energy, encouraging toe-tapping and singalongs – it’s hard to resist joining in the fun!

So, whether you’re a die-hard sports fan seeking a lively atmosphere, a music lover looking for a good time, or simply someone who appreciates a taste of Irish culture, the Irish Fiddler has something for you.

Stop by, grab a drink, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and let the music take you away!

Finally Our favourite Bar

In Costa Adeje, every bar seems to have its own unique charm.

We’ve had a fantastic time experiencing them all, from the electrifying singalongs at Moonlight Bar to the phenomenal live music nights at The Pheasant Plucker.

But for us, Wali Haii holds a truly special place.

Wali Haii stands out for its consistent entertainment – there’s always something fun going on most nights!

They also whip up some seriously delicious and potent cocktails.

But what truly sets them apart is the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Being a family-run bar, they make you feel like part of the family from the moment you walk in, ensuring a memorable experience in the Costa Adeje nightlife scene.

15 Best Costa Adeje Bars in Tenerife Read More »

Our Best Family Hotels In Tenerife

Where to stay in Tenerife for families?

When going on holiday to Tenerife, Costa Adeje is always our preferred choice.

The best family hotels in Tenerife in our opinion are in Costa Adeje.

With attractions like Siam Park, Aqualand, and numerous sandy beaches that cater to children with safe swimming conditions and Soft Plays, Costa Adeje ensures that family holidays are filled with cherished memories and experiences.

Whether it is day or night we have always found it very safe and plenty to do with the kids.

Below is our favourite family friendly hotels that we have stayed in.

Iberostar Bouganville Playa Costa Adeje

Iberostar Bouganville Playa Costa Adeje
Iberostar Bouganville Playa Costa Adeje

Accommodation Types

The Iberostar Bouganville offers various options from room only to prestige and all inclusive. 

This is obviously a personal decision and one that suits your party and budget. 

We opted for half board as it suited our needs and was good value.

Pool Area

There are 4 outdoor swimming pools including a heated children’s pool:

Main pool: This large lagoon-style pool is the centerpiece of the resort, perfect for swimming laps, lounging on sunbeds, or soaking up the sun.

Iberostar bouganville playa family pool
Family Pool

Adults Pool: Located between the Main pool and the kids pool. It nice to relax in and the official line is that it is heated to 26 Degrees.

Iberostar bouganville playa adults pool
Bouganville Playa Adults Pool

Kids pool: There are two children’s pools, one with slides and water features, and another splash pool for toddlers both also heated to 26 Degrees.


If you require a family room with more than 3 of you, you will need to have an interconnecting room.

You can always lock the second room door from the inside and keep access between both rooms by leaving the connecting door open.

We found our rooms to be a good size with what you’d expect from a four star rated hotel. 

The bathroom was adequate with an excellent shower, hair dryer and toiletries. 

The bed was very comfortable, the air condition is very good and the TV was a good size with British channels.

There is also a small fridge in the room which was useful for keeping beer, water and soft drinks cold. 

We were on floor seven facing Adeje and the views were excellent. 

Access to the rooms were never a problem with lifts always available. 



We found the meals to be very good, but when you’re there for two weeks they can be repetitive. 

Breakfasts were really good with everything you’d want at that time of day. 

The hotel excels with cooked, continental, cereals, fresh fruit and coffee, tea and fruit juices. 

They also have Bucks Fizz for those who like an early start. 

Main Meals

Main meals are wide and varied and the hotel provides for all its patrons. 

There are English, Spanish and Italian options always available and themed nights such as Mexican and Sushi were very good. 

There are always chefs around the serving area to assist and also at the carvery which is available nightly. 

Steaks, pork and fish are freshly cooked to your liking depending on what’s on the menu. There is also a salad bar with all you could ask for. 

The sweet and cheese selections are all first class. 

All selections are replenished and tables are cleared and changed very efficiently. 

The staff are very friendly and helpful and will help find a table at busy times. 

All in all we found dining was very good and although it could be repetitive, it was of excellent quality.


There is an entertainments team who work tirelessly during the day to make your stay as good as possible. 

Activities start around 11am for a couple of hours and again from 3pm for over an hour. 

There are games to suit most and small prizes can be won.

There is evening entertainment available, but we tended to go out most nights. 

There is a cabaret nightly downstairs, kid’s entertainment and music in the top lounge with a dance floor. 

Kids Clubs/ Mini Disco

The kids club is for 4 years and older.
They do a whole range of activities with them, ranging from taking them to the pool or to the beach and all the many activities.
This also includes a mini disco every night at 8pm.


This is a very big hotel and is very popular. 

It can be expensive depending on your accommodation option, but it’s not popular for nothing. 

The staff and facilities are really good and some people never go outside once they arrive. I would firmly recommend it. It is also only about a 20 minute walk to playa de las americas, and directly across the road from Wali Haii and the Pheasant Plucker.

Hovima La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel Costa Adeje

HOVIMA La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel
HOVIMA La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel

Accommodation Types

This hotel is in a fantastic location and offers a wide range of accommodation.

For the size of our party we opted for half board in a one bedroom apartment which was good value.

Pool Area

The hotel has 3 outdoor swimming pools, the main pool, a smaller one just off this and a kids pool.

 The main pool is deep in places, but the smaller one is safe for children and there is a splash pool for toddlers. All are heated.

There is a back gate that leads to the beach from the pool area that is open till 7 at night.


La Pinta Balcony
Depending on the size of your party, the hotel has one, two and three bedroom apartments which include cooking facilities, two cooking rings, a fridge, toaster, microwave and coffee maker.
This is ideal for morning tea/coffee or to feed fussy children like ours at lunch time.
The hotel has half board, full board and all inclusive options. We opted for half board which was good value.
There is also the option to have lunch instead of the evening meal which we did on a couple of occasions. 
We found the room to be a good size with air condition and Wi-Fi connection.
We also had a sea view which was excellent for sitting in the balcony at night with a glass of wine watching the sun go down.
There was also a good size TV with British channels.




La Pinta Meal Time

Breakfast is very good here and the hotel has all the usual breakfast cereals and breakfast items for continental and cooked options.

They also make fresh omelettes to suit your taste.

The coffee/tea machine is Lavazza which has several great options and all types of fresh fruit and fruit juices are available.

We tended to sit outside in the morning Sun for breakfast which was good for a change.

We changed to lunch instead of an evening meal on a couple of occasions and found that most things available at night were also available during the day.
There was plenty of options and the hardest part was remembering it was lunch and not over eat.
Easier said than done.

Main Meals

There is an option in the evening of two restaurants.
There is the main restaurant or a’la carte. You are able to use the a’la carte once a week on our accommodation option and we found it a pleasant experience with at least three options per course.
The main restaurant has excellent choices available nightly as well as a chef at hand to make steak, fish or whatever is on the menu that evening.
For children there are the usual pizzas, burgers, fish fingers and a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit. 
We found the dining to be very good and varied nightly.


The hotel has an entertainments team who work hard.

They encourage guests to take part and are very good at making everyone enjoy being involved.

They have games for everyone each morning and afternoon.

At least once per week large inflatables are brought into the main pool and children and adults can have lots of fun with them. We also had a foam party on the last day which was excellent.

They also have a kids club with a mini disco every evening. This comes on just before the main cabaret act which is also part of each evening’s entertainment. 

Kids Club/ Mini Disco

They also have a kids club with a mini disco every evening.
La Pinta Kids Club
La Pinta Kids Club
This comes on just before the main cabaret act which is also part of each evening’s entertainment. 
Inside there is also a Softplay for the kids.
La Pinta Softplay
La Pinta Softplay


We found the hotel to be excellent. It’s in a fantastic location with access to the lovely sandy beach la pinta and beach front bars just yards away.

There are nice bars, restaurants and shops very close by and a large supermarket across the road.

We would recommend the hotel for family’s or couples as the accommodation is excellent.

Accommodation Types

This aparthotel is in a great location, just across the road from La Pinta and up a slight hill.  

The aparthotel has two swimming pools, a children’s pool(for toddlers), a playground, a mini-club, and a snack bar. 

There is also a restaurant and a bar which you can sit inside or outside.

Pool Area

The hotel has 3 swimming pools, the main pool (very shallow at the front), a smaller one for adults and a small one for toddlers.

In the colder months (March to April) the pool is heated.  We were here in December and the pool temperature was perfect.

Main Pool Santa Maria
Main Pool



We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment, however they range from studios to 3 bedroom apartments.

The apartments are spacious and well-equipped, with a kitchen, a living area, and a balcony or terrace. Most apartments have views of the pool or the sea.

The rooms don’t have aircon but all have a fan.  When we went in December we didn’t miss not having the aircon.

The rooms do have free WIFI in them though.



 We can’t really comment on the meals as we were self catering, but the food at the snack bar was pretty good.  
There was a selection of Pizzas, chips and burgers.  

The bar was also reasonably priced for being on site.


We didn’t stay in at nights and it being December we didn’t notice any entertainment, but were told there is some in the summer months, along with kids clubs. 



We loved Santa Maria, the apartment we had was spacious and the pool was fantastic.  Having young kids where the shallow end of the pool starts of at only a few inches deep is very comforting.  As i mentioned we didn’t stay there at night as it is in a great location if you want to visit the bars and restaurants along La Pinta Beach


Located about 100 meters from Fanabe Beach, making it a perfect location for families seeking to go to the beach and enjoy some or the bars and restaurants close by.

Ideal for families as you can go all inclusive or even bed and breakfast.

Pool Area

There is one pool and in the winter months it a heated swimming pool, think it is from October to April.

GF Fanabe Hotel Swimming Pool


The family rooms are fairly spacious.

One negative for us was we were all sleeping in the same room, meaning when the kids went to sleep we also had to or sit out in the balcony (which wasn’t too bad an idea).

All rooms are fitted with aircon.

GF Fanabe Hotel Room

Make sure all the doors are closed or you won’t feel the effect very well.


We never ate in the place but the food did look decent.

It was a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner which is perfect if you have fussy kids.


There is a nightly entertainment show and the hotel also has mini golf, park, table tennis, football court and you can also do Archery.

GF Fanabe Hotel Park


This hotel is not as modern as other hotels however it is slightly cheaper and it is in a perfect location, not far from Fanabe beach, a soft play and a mini golf.

If you are ok sharing the same room as the rest of your family I would definitely recommend it as this was the only downside for us.


GF Isabel is a 4-star hotel located in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. 

GF Isabel Cost Adeje

It is a family-friendly hotel with a variety of amenities, including two outdoor swimming pools, one being a children’s pool, a playground, hotel run kids club, and a restaurant. 

The hotel also has a spa, a gym, and a tennis court.

We can highly recommend GF Isabel Hotel. It’s 10 minute walk to the beach and across road from market which is on Thursdays and Saturdays.

It’s set out like a Canarian village with apartments and bungalows.

You can do either self catering, half/full board or all inclusive.

Pool Area

There are 2 swimming pools both great for kids although 1 of them is slightly geared more towards kids as it is shallower.

GF Isabel Hotel Costa Adeje


The hotel has apartments, bungalows & villas ranging from studios to 2 bedrooms.

The villas also provide you with a small area outdoors.

Some even have a private pool (whirlpool), although it is freshwater so freezing in the winter months. 


The hotel has a buffet restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a pool bar and a snack bar.

It is very kid orientated though as the restaurant offers a dedicated buffet-style area just for kids, featuring kid-approved classics like burgers, pizza, chips, and nuggets.


There was amazing evening entertainment, from live music to shows, every night which meant we could enjoy ourselves while the kids were safe in the grounds of the complex.


This is definitely one of the best family hotels in Tenerife.  It is so relaxed and as i said earlier it is like a little village that kids love, and with great entertainment you can make an evening of it.

Having a supermarket across the road is also fantastic especially if you have a very young family.  It is a slight walk to the beach and shops but the positive is that it is very peaceful. 

The Best Family Hotel in Tenerife (Our opinion)

Our favourite family friendly hotel has to be La Pinta. It basically has direct access to the beach, the views from the balcony are second to none, overlooking the La Pinta beach and sea. It has 2 super pools for the kids and a splash pool for very young children.

The entertainment staff were amazing and went out their way to know your names.

The bouganville is also fantastic but having to pay for 2 rooms made it a bit pricey. In order of where we would go again factoring in everything including price our order would be.

  1. HOVIMA La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel

  2. Iberostar Bouganville Playa

  3. Hovima Santa Maria

  4. GF Isabel

  5. GF Fanabe

Whatever one you pick you and the family will have a great time.

Our Best Family Hotels In Tenerife Read More »

Where to stay in Tenerife

Where to Stay in Tenerife for Families or Couples

Wondering where to stay in Tenerife?

Our guide cuts to the chase from personal experiences, offering you a preview of the island’s best areas and the best places to stay in Tenerife, from the family orientated Costa Adeje to La Orotava’s historical charm.

We highlight places that fit every budget, lifestyle, and trip type.

Top 5 Areas to Stay in Tenerife

Your adventure in Tenerife begins with choosing the perfect place to stay. The island offers a range of areas, each with its unique charm and attractions.

The top places to stay in Tenerife are:

  • Costa Adeje

  • Los Cristianos

  • La Orotava

  • Puerto de la Cruz

  • Playa de las Americas

These areas are perfectly tailored to cater to distinct preferences.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor looking for a family-friendly destination or a seasoned traveler seeking a lively nightlife, the island’s southern coast offers an array of options.

Costa Adeje, known for its upscale ambiance, pristine sandy beaches, and family-friendly activities, is a favorite among young families and couples.

In contrast, Playa de las Americas is a haven for nightlife enthusiasts, offering beach activities and dining in a lively atmosphere.

Costa Adeje for Young Families and Couples

Costa Adeje, with its beautiful beaches, restaurants and bars, the family-friendly atmosphere is a perfect choice for young families and couples.

Costa Adeje

The area is a treasure trove of activities, including:

  • Water parks like Siam Park and Aqualand

  • Must-see opportunities for whale watching

  • Pristine Blue Flag beaches such as Playa del Duque.

Offering a diverse range of accommodations to suit all budgets and preferences, Costa Adeje ensures a memorable stay for every traveler.

Its close proximity to Tenerife South Airport, approximately 20 km away, adds to its convenience, making it an ideal location for your stay in Tenerife.

To see what we recommend for families, couples etc in Costa Adeje visit our Things to do in Costa Adeje page.

Best Hotels for Families in Costa Adeje

View our best hotels in Tenerife blog for in-depth reviews of the following hotels

Iberostar Bouganville Playa Costa Adeje
4 stars.
4 Pools (2 Adult, 1 with Slides, 1 splash Pool)
Interconnecting Rooms
200 metres from the Playa del Bobo Beach
Aircon in all rooms.
La Pinta Costa Adeje
4 stars.
3 Pools (1 Adult, 1 Kids with Slide, 1 Baby Pool)
1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Appartments
50 metres from the La Pinta Beach
Aircon in all rooms.
Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel
3 stars.
3 Pools (1 Adult, 1 family pool, 1 Baby Pool).
Studio,1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartments.
Fans provided.
GF Isabel Hotel Costa Adeje
4 stars.
2 Pools (1 large & 1 for kids)
Apartments, Bungalows & Villas
300 metres from Fanabe Beach
Aircon in all rooms.
GF Fanabe Hotel
4 stars.
1 Pools (1 family pool heated in winter).
All Inclusive, HB, B&B or SC.
70 metres from Fanabe Beach.
Aircon in all rooms.

Best Accommodation for Couples (slightly cheaper)

Garden City

Hovima Panorama

Club Atlantis

Ocean Park

Playa de las Americas for Nightlife Enthusiasts

Playa de Las Américas is the go-to place for those seeking to immerse themselves in Tenerife’s vibrant nightlife.

This lively area is the heart of Tenerife’s party scene, boasting a city center location, stunning beaches and a lively atmosphere that caters to a diverse crowd. Amongst all this Playa de las Americas has some fantastic restaurants.

Las Americas Bars

The nightlife here is second to none, thanks to hotspots like Veronica’s Strip, packed with bars and clubs which enhances the party vibe in Playa de las Americas.

The vibrant energy is magnified with events like the summer festivals featuring world-renowned DJs, making Playa de las Americas a must-visit for nightlife enthusiasts.

Whereas if you are looking for something more upmarket why don’t you try Centro Comercial Safari, where there are some smart bars and clothing shops.

Comercial center las americas

Some of the best bars in Tenerife are in Las Americas, view our blog to find out more about them.

Los Cristianos Great for Families

Los Cristianos, a transformed former fishing village, offers an inviting, family-friendly setting for tourists.

los Cristianos

With its golden sand beaches, including the popular Playa de los Cristianos beach, and a wide range of water sports and restaurants, it’s an ideal setting for families looking for a memorable vacation.

The accommodations in Los Cristianos cater to family needs, offering hotels with amenities like kids’ clubs to keep children entertained and engaged.

The area provides a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere compared to neighboring areas, making it an ideal family-friendly destination for a stress-free vacation.

La Orotava for Couples and History Lovers

La Orotava, with its romantic streets and historic architecture, entices both couples and history enthusiasts.

From the historical sites like Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción and Casa de los Balcones to the romantic settings of Jardines Victoria, La Orotava is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

The town’s historic mansions and preserved Canarian style architecture provide a picturesque backdrop for a romantic getaway.

Alongside the charm of the town, visitors can engage with La Orotava’s history at the Museo de Artesanía Iberoamericana and participate in cultural events hosted throughout the year.

Whatever your preference, La Orotava has something to make your stay in Tenerife unforgettable.

Puerto de la Cruz for Luxury Seekers

Puerto de la Cruz is a perfect destination for those seeking luxury, while Puerto de Santiago offers a different yet equally charming experience.

This serene and beautiful area is one of Tenerife’s oldest tourist resorts, catering to luxury seekers with high-end accommodations and serene black sand beaches.

Luxury accommodations such as Hotel Botanica y Oriental Spa Garden and Sol Costa Atlantis Tenerife provide guests with a high-end experience, complete with outdoor pools, spas, ocean views, and proximity to city attractions.

The town’s luxury appeal is enhanced by attractions like the volcanic black sand Playa Jardin, making it a prime choice for luxury seekers.

Tenerife’s Hidden Gems: Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

where to stay tenerife

Tenerife, one of the stunning Canary Islands, boasts several hidden gems that offer unique experiences, beyond the bustling tourist resorts.

From the windswept landscapes of El Médano to the charming streets of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, and the natural pools of Garachico, these off-the-beaten-path destinations provide a fresh perspective on the beauty of Tenerife, including the captivating city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Each hidden gem in Tenerife, from windsurfing in El Médano to exploring the culture in San Cristóbal de La Laguna or swimming in Garachico’s natural pools, offers a unique experience.

So, if you’re someone who loves to explore beyond the usual tourist destinations, these hidden gems are definitely worth a visit.

El Médano for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

El Médano, with its consistent northeast trade winds all year round, is a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

The area offers a range of windspeeds across its multiple beaches, making it an ideal spot for both beginners and seasoned windsurfers.

In addition to its perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, El Médano also offers rental gear from top brands and lessons with IKO certified instructors.

Whether you’re a seasoned windsurfer or trying it out for the first time, El Médano provides all the facilities you need for an unforgettable experience.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna for Culture and Architecture

San Cristobal

San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-visit for culture and architecture enthusiasts. With over 600 protected buildings, the town showcases colonial architecture and is known for its rich history.

Whether you’re strolling through charming streets, marveling at vibrant buildings, or exploring cultural attractions, La Laguna offers a wealth of experiences.

With its beautiful courtyards and a layout that has influenced the design of cities in the Americas, La Laguna is a testament to Tenerife’s historical significance.

Garachico for Natural Pools and Volcanic Landscapes

Garachico is a testament to the transformative power of nature.

The town features unique natural pools formed by solidified lava from the 1706 volcanic eruption.

These pools, located in El Caletón, are accessible thanks to modifications along the rugged northern coastline near Los Gigantes and offer a unique swimming experience.

The Garachico pools provide a serene swimming experience when sea conditions are calm.

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just looking to dip your toes in the water, these natural pools offer a unique experience that’s sure to leave you mesmerized.

Best Hotels in Tenerife: Luxury, Mid-Range, and Budget Options

Best Hotels Tenerife

To fully enjoy your visit to Tenerife, it’s important to find the ideal accommodation. The island offers a diverse range of accommodations to suit every preference and budget, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels.

Whether you’re seeking the opulence of a luxury hotel, the comfort of a mid-range hotel, or the affordability of a budget hotel or hostel, Tenerife has it all. With a variety of accommodations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to rest after a day filled with adventure and exploration.

Luxury Hotels in Tenerife

When it comes to luxury accommodations, Tenerife outdoes itself.

The island is home to an array of luxury hotels, each offering world-class amenities and exceptional service, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Bahia del Duque

Hard Rock Hotel

Mid-Range Hotels in Tenerife

Mid-range hotels in Tenerife offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, making them an excellent choice for travelers seeking value.

Hovima Santa Maria Costa Adeje

GF Isabel Costa Adeje

Budget Hotels and Hostels in Tenerife

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Tenerife’s budget hotels and hostels offer wallet-friendly options without sacrificing quality or experience.

Patio Hostel

Key Takeaways

  • Tenerife offers a range of places to stay, each tailored to different traveler types – families, couples, nightlife seekers, and luxury or history enthusiasts, with areas like Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas, and Puerto de la Cruz among the top destinations.

  • Beyond popular resorts, Tenerife is home to off-the-beaten-path gems like El Médano, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, and Garachico, offering unique experiences from windsurfing to historical exploration and natural volcanic pools.

  • The island caters to all budgets with a variety of accommodations and provides ample adventure opportunities, be it hiking in Teide National Park, exciting water parks, or whale watching, as well as a rich culinary scene featuring traditional Canarian cuisine and fresh seafood.


Tenerife, with its stunning landscapes, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary scene, is a holiday destination that caters to every traveler’s desires.

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly beach resort, a quiet historic town, or an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Tenerife has it all.

Add to that the island’s gastronomic delights and a range of accommodations to suit every budget, and you have the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday.

Just think what type of holiday you are after and I’m sure at least one of the resorts on here will more than cover what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best part of Tenerife to stay?

You should consider staying in Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, or Puerto de la Cruz, as these areas offer fantastic beaches and a wide range of family-friendly activities and amenities. 

They will make your family’s stay comfortable and memorable.

What are the hidden gems in Tenerife?

You should definitely check out El Médano for windsurfing and kitesurfing, San Cristóbal de La Laguna for culture and architecture, and Garachico for natural pools and volcanic landscapes if you’re visiting Tenerife.

What are the best hotels in Tenerife?

Tenerife offers a variety of accommodations, including luxury options like H10 Gran Tenerife and budget-friendly hostels like Patio Hostel.

Visit our best hotels for families blog if it is a family holiday you are looking for.

Where to Stay in Tenerife for Families or Couples Read More »

Things to do in Costa Adeje

Best Things to Do in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje in Tenerife is a holiday paradise, with its remarkable beaches, boat tours and family-friendly attractions like water parks.

Siam Park boasts being home to one of the world’s highest water slides, while Teide National Park offers an opportunity for you to appreciate nature under starry skies.

Costa Adeje has everything from breathtaking coastlines to thrilling recreational activities that guarantee both fun and relaxation – making it a must-visit destination!

Things to do in Costa Adeje for Families

Trying to pass a few hours with the kids can sometimes be hard, especially on the rare occasion when it is raining here are a few suggestions that we have ended up doing to entertain us all.

Enjoy Aqualand Costa Adeje

Aqualand Tenerife

This water park is not only fun but also educational with its dolphin shows.

Children can enjoy a variety of water slides and pools designed for different age groups.

There’s a Children’s Paradise for the little ones, featuring mini slides and splash zones.

For older kids, there are thrilling slides like the Kamikaze and the Twister.

The park also offers an interactive Dolphin Experience where kids can learn about these intelligent marine creatures.

Extra Info:


Relax on the Beach

Costa Adeje Beach

The beaches of Costa Adeje are truly a tropical paradise.

Framed by azure waters and golden sands, they offer an array of activities for children and adults alike.

From leisurely swimming and sunbathing to exhilarating water sports like jet skiing and parasailing, there’s something for every beach lover.

The coastline is dotted with vibrant beach bars and restaurants, perfect for a refreshing drink or a seaside meal.

With their gentle waves and stunning sunsets, the beaches at Costa Adeje are the perfect backdrop for a memorable holiday.

Extra Info:

Siam Mall Costa Adeje

The mall features a dedicated play area for toddlers, ensuring they are entertained while adults’ shop.

It also boasts a trampoline park for those energetic jumps and bounces.

Siam Mall Kids

Additionally, the mall offers ride-on toys that kids can enjoy, and a Lego play area where they can unleash their creativity and build their dream structures.

Extra Info:

Fantasy Park: Soft Play at Torviscas Beach

Softplay Fanabe Beach

Just off Torviscus Beach there is Soft Play area for children, creating a safe and fun environment where they can explore and play.

Soft Play Fanabe Beach Location

The area is outdoors and equipped with a variety of soft play equipment, such as slides, climbing structures, all designed to stimulate children’s imagination and physical activity.

Softplay Fanabe slide

The soft sand surfaces ensure safety, making it an ideal spot for younger kids to run, jump, and tumble around.

This Soft Play area provides parents with a great opportunity to relax on the beach while their children are enjoying themselves in a secure and engaging environment.

You can also sit at the side and purchase a drink from their mini bar.

Extra Info:

Mini Golf Costa Adeje

One of the most enjoyable family activities in Costa Adeje is without a doubt, Mini Golf. This fun-filled activity, located at Fanabe beach, outside the Mister Sisters Bar, is perfect for both kids and adults alike.

Mini Golf Fanabe

The course is beautifully designed with a variety of challenging holes, each with its own unique twist. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newbie, this mini golf course is sure to provide an exciting experience.

Additionally, the course is well-lit in the evenings, making for a magical mini golf experience under the stars.

After a round of mini golf, families can enjoy a variety of snacks and refreshments at the nearby bars and restaurants.

Trampolines Fanabe Beach

Nestled between Fanabe Beach and the lively Mister Sister Show Bar in Costa Adeje, there’s a delightful trampoline area specially designed for kids.

Trampolines Fanabe

Positioned against the backdrop of the beautiful coastal scenery, these trampolines offer a safe and exciting playground for the little ones to unleash their boundless energy.

Priced at an affordable 5 euros for a 5-minute session, this attraction provides parents and caregivers with a pocket-friendly option for their children’s entertainment.

Mini Train Tour Fanabe

The designated stop for this captivating tour is strategically located in front of the GF Fañabe Hotel at Av. de Bruselas, 13, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Mini Train Ride

Adults can hop on board for a ticket priced at 9 euros, while children can join the adventure for a budget-friendly rate of 5 euros.

Mini Train Times

The train departs promptly every hour from 10:05 to 20:05, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable exploration of Tenerife’s exquisite landscapes and upscale locales.

Try and be there 10 minutes early.

Extra Info:

Explore Monkey Park

Monkey Park, situated in the heart of Tenerife, just a few kilometers from Costa Adeje, is a unique interactive zoo that offers an unforgettable experience for both adults and children.

Monkey Park Tenerife

The park is home to a wide array of exotic animals, with a special focus on primates. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through the enclosures and interact directly with the animals, including lemurs, marmosets, and tamarins.

Monkey Park Entrance

The park also houses a variety of other species, such as iguanas, tortoises, and colorful birds. Monkey Park offers a rare chance to observe and learn about these fascinating creatures in a close, intimate setting.

As for the entrance fee, it’s quite affordable, with tickets for adults priced at around 10 Euros and a reduced rate for children.

Extra Info:


Visit Loro Park

Loro Park, located in Puerto de la Cruz, is another must-visit destination when in Costa Adeje. Known as one of the best zoos in the world, it houses an extensive and diverse range of animals, including gorillas, tigers, and an impressive array of birds.

Loro Park Tenerife

The park is particularly famous for its parrot collection, which is the largest in the world.

The park also features a stunning orchid garden, an aquarium with a shark tunnel, and a Thai village. One of the park’s highlights is its spectacular shows, including an orca show, a dolphin show, and a sea lion show.

To get to Loro Park from Costa Adeje, you have a few options.

You can take a direct bus, which is the most economical and convenient option. The bus journey usually takes around an hour and a half.

Alternatively, you can drive or take a taxi, which will be faster but more expensive. If you choose to drive, take the TF-1 highway from Costa Adeje to Santa Cruz, and then follow the TF-5 to Puerto de la Cruz.

Follow the signs to Loro Park once you reach Puerto de la Cruz.

Extra Info:

Things to do in Costa Adeje for Couples

Costa Adeje is a perfect getaways for couples or newly weds, from romantic cocktail bars to star gazing at Teide.

Romantic Bars with a View in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is not just famous for its stunning beaches and thrilling water parks, it’s also home to a selection of romantic bars with breathtaking views, perfect for couples seeking a memorable night out.

Costa Adeje Bars

Zambra Skybar Tenerife

Zambra Skybar Tenerife is a must-visit for couples seeking a romantic night out in Costa Adeje.

Perched on a rooftop, this stylish bar offers panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, making it the perfect spot for watching the sunset.

The bar boasts a sophisticated cocktail menu with a focus on local ingredients, as well as a selection of fine wines and beers.

The ambiance is chic and intimate, with modern decor and soft lighting, creating the perfect setting for a memorable evening. Live music performances on certain nights add to the overall charm and elegance of Zambra Skybar Tenerife.

BB. Restaurant, Lounge & Bar

BB. Restaurant, Lounge & Bar is another excellent choice for couples. Located on the edge of the beach, it offers a stunning view of the ocean, perfect for a romantic evening. The bar serves a variety of cocktails and has a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is a high-end establishment located in Plaza del Duque.

It offers a sophisticated atmosphere and a terrace with a splendid view of the plaza. The bar is known for its extensive wine list and its creative cocktails.

La Torre Del Mirador

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with a view, La Torre Del Mirador is the place to go.

This restaurant and bar offer a stunning view of the sea and the nearby island of La Gomera. The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate, making it a perfect place for a romantic evening.

These bars not only offer great views but also have a wide selection of drinks and a romantic atmosphere, making them the

Visit Playa de las Américas

Vibrant nightlife at Playa de las Américas

For those looking for a lively destination in Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas is ideal.

Beach Activities

The stunning beaches of Playa de las Américas provide visitors with a range of fun activities to choose from, such as sunbathing, swimming and jet skiing. For an added adrenaline rush try parasailing or explore the area’s captivating coastlines by taking one of many day trips available nearby. On top of it all are beachfront restaurants where you can soak up amazing ocean views while savoring delicious meals and drinks, nothing more than perfect for your unforgettable vacation at Playa de las Américas!


Nightlife Hotspots

Experience a night to remember when you visit Playa de las Américas! The town comes alive after the sun sets with plenty of bars and nightclubs offering something for everyone. Whether it’s an intimate bar setting or nonstop clubbing, there’s no shortage of choices here. A few popular spots include Club Papagayo, Tramps, & Grill and Veronicas Strip just to name a few. So come on down and put your best foot forward, let yourself be transported into the lively atmosphere that only this area can provide!

Quad Bike Sunset Tour

Experience an unforgettable adventure with the Quad Bike Sunset Tour at Teide National Park. This unique experience allows you to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the park in a fun and thrilling way.

Quad Bike Tenerife

The tour begins in the late afternoon (normally about 16:00hrs), giving you plenty of time to take in the incredible views of the park’s unique volcanic formations and diverse flora and fauna.

Equipped with a powerful yet easy-to-handle quad bike, you’ll traverse the park’s rugged terrains, stopping at scenic spots along the way.

As the sun begins to set, you’ll make your way to a prime viewing spot to witness the spectacular sight of the sun dipping below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the park.

The Quad Bike Sunset Tour is not just about the ride, but also about immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Teide National Park.

It’s an experience that combines adventure, exploration, and the simple pleasure of watching a beautiful sunset in one of the most stunning locations in the world.

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Paragliding and Landing (or just watching)

For thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike, paragliding at Costa Adeje Beach offers an experience like no other.

Paragliding Tenerife

Imagine soaring through the clear blue skies of Tenerife, with the stunning Atlantic Ocean beneath you and the majestic Canary Islands landscape all around.

Your adventure begins with a safety briefing and introduction to the equipment by experienced instructors. Then, you’re gently lifted off the ground, catching the warm thermals that rise from the sun-soaked beaches.

As you ascend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Costa Adeje, the surrounding coastline, and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. On clear days, you might even catch a glimpse of the neighboring islands.

The flight is smooth and peaceful, allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty of Tenerife from a unique perspective. The landing at Costa Adeje Beach is smooth and controlled, making it a safe and exhilarating experience for everyone.

For those who prefer to stay on the ground, watching the colorful paragliders against the backdrop of the azure sky is a spectacle in itself. 

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Things to do in Costa Adeje for Everyone

Discover the Magic of Siam Park Costa Adeje

Thrilling water slide at Siam Park

Visitors to the Canary Islands can experience Siam Park, a splash-filled park of Thai style attractions that have earned it accolades. Known as Europe’s largest waterpark and second biggest in the world, this oasis is TripAdvisor’s top choice for six consecutive years.

From thrilling slides, swimming pools to an extended lazy river journey across its grounds (not the world’s longest lazy river be sure feels it), fun seekers from all ages will find something perfect at Siam Park regardless if they crave thrills or just want quality time with family members – there’s plenty here!

The Tower of Power

Adventure-lovers should not skip out on the opportunity to ride Siam Park’s Tower of Power.

This thrilling attraction stands tall at 92 feet and is a rush like no other for those brave enough to take it on, as long as they meet height and age requirements beforehand. Get ready for an experience that will get your heart racing!

Relax in Siam Beach

Siam Beach with artificial waves

Siam Beach is a perfect spot to unwind after an exciting day. The Algarve in Portugal was the source of its tranquil white sand and crystal clear waters that offer visitors a tropical atmosphere inside the park.

Siam Park Tenerife

Its claim to fame lies with its mammoth wave pool, dubbed ‘Palace of Waves’, where waves as high as 3 meters can be experienced, making it one of the most remarkable holiday destinations around!

Adventure in The Lost City

The Lost City is the perfect place for families with children. An ideal adventure world, this interactive water play area offers slides, towers, bridges and waterfalls to provide fun experiences that all ages of kids can enjoy. The safety rules put in place are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone. Including regulations on height requirements as well as no jewelry or loose items allowed.

Ascend to the Stars at Teide National Park

Stargazing at Teide National Park

Tenerife is home to the amazing Teide National Park, which has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage site and features the third largest volcano on Earth.

Boasting incredibly unique terrain with unbelievable sights, this park makes for an unforgettable experience during the day or night!

Teide Tenerife

Its status as one of the top locations in the world for stargazing creates extraordinary opportunities to marvel at star-filled skies come dark.

Stargazing Tours

Teide By Night provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your stargazing adventure.

Offering transport, as well as a guided session within the park with telescopes and binoculars at hand for spotting constellations and other stars in the night sky.

Cable Car to the Summit

For those aspiring to scale the heights of Mount Teide, there is even a cable car service available for your convenience.

The quick eight minute ride will take you straight up to the upper station and treat you with breathtaking vistas of this picturesque area.

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Revel in Retail Therapy at Plaza del Duque

For anyone looking to indulge in a shopping excursion, Costa Adeje is the place to be.

Plaza del Duque offers an upscale retail adventure where you can find designer labels and luxury eateries all under one roof.

After spending time exploring Playa del Duque, take some time for yourself and treat your senses at this premier shopping center – full of unique gifts, fashionable attire and unforgettable experiences!

Fashion and Accessories

Shoppers looking for fashionable finds need look no further than Plaza del Duque, one of the grandest shopping malls in the vicinity. This mall is home to a myriad of high-end stores stocking designer labels such as Armani, Escada and Bulgari.

Dining Options

Refuel after a day of shopping at one of the many eateries in Plaza del Duque.

Here, diners will find food to satisfy all tastes, from sushi and tapas to Italian specialties. For those looking for something more relaxed, there are cafes and lounges offering cocktails or coffee where you can sit back and relax.

Extra Info:

Top Restaurants in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Costa Adeje is a culinary paradise, offering a variety of dining experiences to suit every palate and budget.

Costa Adeje Restaurant

For those seeking a dining experience with a stunning view, Costa Adeje has several restaurants that offer breathtaking vistas.

If you love the idea of dining with the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves in your ears, Costa Adeje has a plethora of beachfront restaurants.

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry! Costa Adeje has plenty of affordable dining options.

Extra Info:

Siam Mall: A Shopper’s Paradise

Located in the heart of Costa Adeje, Siam Mall is a shopping destination that can’t be missed.

This Thai-inspired shopping center offers a unique and vibrant shopping experience that complements the exotic charm of the Canary Islands.

With over 70 stores, it boasts a wide range of international and local brands, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Siam Mall isn’t just about shopping, though.

It also offers a variety of dining options, from fast food to fine dining, ensuring that shoppers can refuel and relax after a day of retail therapy.

The mall also regularly hosts events and performances, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your shopping experience.

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Things to do in Costa Adeje at Christmas

Experience the Festive Lights and Decorations

Costa Adeje dresses up in its holiday best, with streets and plazas adorned in twinkling lights and festive decorations. Take a leisurely stroll through the town to soak up the vibrant holiday atmosphere.

Visit the Christmas Markets

Explore the charming Christmas markets that pop up around Costa Adeje, offering a variety of crafts, gifts, and local treats.

It’s a perfect opportunity to find unique souvenirs and enjoy the seasonal festivities.

Enjoy Christmas Shows and Events

Many hotels and resorts in Costa Adeje host special Christmas shows and events, including live music, performances, and gala dinners.

Be sure to check the schedule at your accommodation for any holiday festivities.

Attend the Traditional Midnight Mass

Join the locals at the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, a tradition deeply rooted in Spanish culture.

It’s a beautiful way to experience the spiritual aspect of the holiday season in Costa Adeje.

Participate in New Year’s Celebrations

Welcome the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays along the beachfront.

The party atmosphere is contagious, with music, dancing, and celebrations that continue well into the night.

Things to do in Costa Adeje when it Rains

Rainy days in Costa Adeje can be just as enjoyable with a variety of indoor activities and attractions that cater to all ages. Here are some suggestions to make the most of those wetter days:

Visit the Museum of Nature and Man

Explore the rich history and culture of the Canary Islands at the Museum of Nature and Man by taking a trip to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This museum offers fascinating exhibits on the archipelago’s natural history, archaeology, and anthropology.

Extra Info:

Pool Center Puerto Colon Beach

Opening hours today are 12PM-2AM.

Pool Center Costa Adeje

  • It has a variety of tables for snooker, pool, Russian billiards, carom, darts, and table football.

  • They also have a bar with a wide selection of drinks.

  • There is a great atmosphere for watching sports or playing games with friends.

Extra Info:

Indulge in a Spa Day

Take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate with a spa day.

Many hotels in Costa Adeje offer luxurious spa services, including massages, facials, and thermal circuits.

Enjoy a Shopping Spree at Siam Mall

The mall houses a range of international and local brands, offering clothing, footwear, accessories, electronics, and more. Visitors can explore a mix of high-end and affordable stores.

Siam Mall includes a selection of restaurants and cafes, providing a variety of dining options for shoppers. Additionally, there might be entertainment facilities such as a cinema or play areas for children.

Watch a Movie at the Cinema

Catch the latest films at a local cinema. It’s a classic way to enjoy entertainment on a rainy day.

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Things to do in Costa Adeje for Free

Costa Adeje Beach

Costa Adeje is known for its beautiful beaches. Spend a day relaxing on Playa del Duque, Playa de Fanabe, or other nearby beaches. Enjoy the sun, take a dip in the ocean, or stroll along the shoreline.

Extra Info:

Costa Adeje Beaches (A Paradise of Beaches)

Promenade Walks

Take a leisurely walk along the coastal promenade. The promenade in Costa Adeje offers stunning views of the ocean and nearby islands.

It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery and get some exercise. You can walk along to coast from Los Cristianos, past las Americas on to Costa Adeje and up to the Del Duque end.

Siam Park Entrance

While entry to Siam Park, a popular water park in Costa Adeje, is not free, you can still visit the park’s entrance area, take photos, and enjoy the surroundings without purchasing a ticket.

Costa Adeje Market

Visit one of the local markets if they are taking place during your stay. These markets often feature local crafts, fresh produce, and a lively atmosphere. While purchasing items isn’t free, you can enjoy the vibrant market atmosphere without spending money.

Extra Info:

Plaza del Duque

Visit Plaza del Duque, a shopping and leisure center. While shopping might not be free, you can explore the architecture, enjoy the fountains, and take in the ambiance of the area.

My thoughts on things to do in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is the perfect holiday destination for families and couples alike, it is a nice friendly resort where we have never seen any trouble.

Plenty to do and is a lot cheaper than mainland Spain.

So if you are a family or couple looking for sun 365 days of the year come and visit Tenerife, especially to see the Costa Adeje attractions (lovely relaxing views, and fabulous bars and restaurants).


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Tenerife Bars

Best Bars in Tenerife: For All Occasions

Wondering where to find the best bars in Tenerife for a guaranteed great night out? Look no further.

Our guide cuts through the chatter to bring you an elite selection of Tenerife’s top bars.

From buzzing beach bars where the cocktails taste sweeter with the setting sun, to rooftop venues with panoramic views, live music joints with feet-tapping tunes, spirited sports bars, and vibrant dance spots—all the way to serene spots for wine lovers.

We promise to steer you through Tenerife’s most talked-about bars without wasting a moment of your precious holiday time.

The best cocktail bars in Tenerife

Best Cocktail Bars Tenerife

Tenerife boasts a variety of cocktail bars, each with its own unique atmosphere. Some top options include:

The Wild Side: Los Cristianos

Wild Side Tenerife
View from Bar

Avenida la Habana C.C. San Telmo 11, Local 17c, 38650 Los Cristianos, Arona, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

The Wild Side’s jungle-themed design and swings The Wild Side is an exciting bar in Tenerife, known for its unique jungle-themed design.

The atmosphere is energetic and playful, with swings as seats that add a fun twist to your usual bar experience.

It’s a place where the wild heart of the jungle meets the lively nightlife of Tenerife, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and memorable night out.

Havana’s Bar: Playa de las Américas

Havana’s Bar: Playa de las AméricasAvenida Habana 11, 38650, Arona, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

Havana’s Bar is a popular spot located in the los cristianos area.

Known for its welcoming ambiance and wide range of sumptuous drinks, Havana’s is a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

The bar is particularly renowned for its favorite cocktails (Spanish-style mojitos) that are prepared with an authentic twist.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a day of exploration or a lively spot to start your night, Havana’s Bar offers a memorable experience in a vibrant setting.

Roca Negra: Playa Paraiso

Roca Negra: Playa ParaisoCentro Comercial El Marqués, Av. Adeje 300, 38678 Adeje

Trip Advisor

Roca Negra is a hidden gem nestled in the beautiful area of Playa Paraiso.

Known for its stunning sunset views, Roca Negra is a sunset club that offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

The club is perched on a rocky outcrop, giving visitors a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind with a cocktail in hand while watching the sun dip below the horizon.

With its chill-out music, comfortable seating, and excellent service, Roca Negra is a must-visit spot for those seeking a tranquil and picturesque evening.

Monkey Beach Club: Playa de las Américas

Monkey Beach ClubAvenida de Rafael Puig Lluvinia 3, 38660 Playa de las Americas, Arona, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

Monkey Beach Club, fondly referred to as MBC, is a renowned venue located in the vibrant area of Playa de las Américas in Tenerife.

This beach club is perched right on the sandy shores, offering visitors a front-row seat to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Known for its lively atmosphere and stunning seaside views, Monkey Beach Club is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun during the day or enjoy the energetic nightlife, MBC has it all.

It offers a wide range of refreshing cocktails and a menu filled with amazing food that cater to all tastes.

The club regularly hosts live music performances and DJ sets, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a fun and memorable beachfront experience in Tenerife. This bar is also reviewed in the Best Bars in Costa Adeje blog.

Bar Fresh: Costa Adeje

Bar Fresh Costa AdejeCalle Valencia, 1, 38660, Adeje, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

Located in the heart of Costa Adeje, Bar Fresh is a vibrant and popular spot that offers a unique bar experience.

Known for its refreshing and delicious cocktail menu, Bar Fresh is the go-to place for those looking for a drink that’s a little bit different.

The bar also offers a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, making it an ideal spot for everyone.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with a modern, chic interior design that adds to the overall experience.

Whether you’re looking for a place to start your night or a spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing, Bar Fresh in Costa Adeje is a must-visit.

Bar Fresh offering their wild berry prosecco gin fizz or Vertigo Pool Club & Lounge with an extensive selection. Take a look at our reviews for Bar Fresh in the Best Bars in Costa Adeje.

Tanyos: Playa de las Américas

Tanyos Bar Costa AdejeC. Valencia, 2, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Trip Advisor

Tanyos is a hidden gem located in the bustling area of Playa de las Américas. Known for its inviting atmosphere and eclectic range of drinks, Tanyos is a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a day of exploration or a lively spot to kickstart your night, Tanyos offers a memorable experience in a vibrant setting.

Its extensive cocktail menu features both classic favourites and innovative creations, ensuring there’s something for every taste.

Sipping in the Sun: Tenerife’s Top Beach Bars

Beach bar with palm trees and ocean view

Imagine yourself relaxing on a sandy beach, sipping on a refreshing beverage at one of the popular beach bars in Tenerife.

Some top choices include Havana’s bar situated along Las Vistas Beach in Los Cristianos, Coqueluche Beach Bar found in Costa Adeje, and Papagayo Beach Club with its multifaceted offerings.

Each location promises to provide an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

These vibrant beach bars have no shortage of thirst-quenching options available.

Coqueluche Beach Bar: Paseo de la Pedrera

Coqueluche Beach Bar: Paseo de la PedreraPlaya de la Enramada, La Caleta, 38670, Adeje, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

Slightly up the coast from del deque. At Coqueluche Beach Bar, you can indulge in delectable cocktails, coffee blends and non-alcoholic drinks made from fresh fruits, although they may come at a higher price point due to their high quality standards.

It’s not just about the beverages here. These establishments offer memorable atmospheres as well!

For instance, live music performances while watching mesmerizing sunsets are part of what makes Coqueluche special

Papagayo Beach Club: Las Americas

Papagayo Beach Club Las AmericasAvenida Rafael Puig y Lluvina Playa de Las Américas

Trip Advisor

Papagayo Beach Club is a renowned venue located in the vibrant area of Playa de las Américas in Tenerife.

This beach club is perched right on the sandy shores, offering visitors a front-row seat to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Known for its lively atmosphere and stunning seaside views, Papagayo Beach Club is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun during the day or enjoy the energetic nightlife, Papagayo Beach Club has it all.

It offers a wide range of refreshing cocktails and a menu filled with delicious meals that cater to all tastes.

The club regularly hosts live music performances and DJ sets, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a fun and memorable beachfront experience in Tenerife.

The Sports Fan’s Haven: Best Sports Bars in Tenerife

For sports enthusiasts, Tenerife offers a variety of sports bars where you can enjoy live games while sipping on your favorite drinks. Here are some of the top sports bars in Tenerife:

The DublinerThe Dubliner Tenerife

Av.Rafael Puig Lluvina, Playa de las Americas

Trip Advisor

This Irish sports bar in Playa De Las Americas is a popular spot for watching football matches. It has a cozy interior and offers a variety of beers and traditional Irish dishes.

Brahms and Liszt

Avda. Luis Diaz de Losada Las Americas

Trip Advisor

Located in Los Cristianos, this sports bar is known for its friendly staff and great selection of drinks.

It’s a great place to watch a variety of sports, from football to rugby.

The Wild Geese

Golf Del Sur, Tenerife Spain

Trip Advisor

Another Irish pub, located in Golf Del Sur, where you can enjoy live sports action. This bar has a great beer garden to watch you favourite sport.  Click the Trip Advisor link to see the images.

Remember to check the match schedule before your visit to ensure you don’t miss any of the action!

Live Music and Lively Nights

Prepare for an exhilarating musical experience in Tenerife! This island boasts a vibrant live music scene, with various venues showcasing talented local and international artists. S

Some of the top spots to catch these performances include bars like

The Top Terrace (Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife)

Hard Rock CafeAvenida De Las Americas S/N Avda. Las Americas

Trip Advisor

Located in the bustling area of Playa de las Américas, The Top Terrace at Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife is a must-visit.

This rooftop bar offers an elevated experience, quite literally, with its stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The Top Terrace combines the classic Hard Rock vibe with a touch of Tenerife’s unique charm. The atmosphere here is vibrant and lively, reflecting the spirit of both the Hard Rock brand and the island itself.

Known for its extensive cocktail menu and delicious food offerings, The Top Terrace is a great spot to unwind after a day of exploration or to kickstart a fun night out.

Live music performances and DJ sets are a regular feature here, adding to the overall appeal of this bar. So, whether you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll or prefer more contemporary tunes, The Top Terrace has something to cater to all musical tastes.

Deseo Lounge: Playa de las Américas

Av. las Américas, 38660 Playa de las Américas, Arona, Tenerife Spain 

Trip Advisor

Deseo Lounge, located in the bustling area of Playa de las Américas in Tenerife, is a popular nightlife destination known for its chic ambiance and diverse drink menu.

The lounge offers a sophisticated setting for those looking to enjoy a night out, with a modern interior design that perfectly complements the vibrant energy of the surrounding area.

Known for its innovative cocktails and excellent service, Deseo Lounge provides a memorable experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a day of exploration or kickstart your night with a unique cocktail, Deseo Lounge in Playa de las Américas is a must-visit.


Av. Las Américas, 9 C.C.Oasis, 38660 Playa de las Americas

Trip Advisor

Savage is a trendy bar located in the bustling area of Playa de las Américas in Tenerife.

Known for its modern, chic interior and lively atmosphere, Savage offers a unique nightlife experience. With great food and perfect setting it would be the perfect location to take your partner on a date.

Karaoke Bars : Sing Your Heart Out in Tenerife

If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere to sing your heart out, Tenerife is the ideal destination. The island boasts some of the best-rated karaoke bars in town.

Not only do these bars offer a variety of genres, but they also provide unique experiences that make them stand out from one another. Here are some top picks:

Highland Paddy

Parque De La Paz, Playa De Las Americas

Trip Advisor

Located in the Los Cristianos side of Las Américas area in Tenerife, Highland Paddy is a lively karaoke bar known for its fun atmosphere and incredibly welcoming friendly staff.

Churchills Bar Los Cristianos

Calle Juan Reverón Sierra, Los Cristianos

Churchills Bar, located in Los Cristianos. This spot in Los Cristianos is renowned for its lively atmosphere and friendly staff, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Known for its extensive song list and top-notch sound system, Churchills offers a unique karaoke experience that guarantees an unforgettable night of fun and laughter.

Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke veteran or a first-timer, Churchills Bar Los Cristianos is the place to let loose and sing your heart out.

Bar Fresh on The Golf

Bar Fresh on the Golf

Call San Blas, Local 79-84, Golf del Sur

Trip Advisor

Bar Fresh on The Golf is a cocktail bar located in Oasis del Sur, Tenerife. They have karaoke nights on Thursdays and Saturdays. Thursdays’ karaoke starts at 9:30pm and Saturdays’ starts at 10pm.

So, if you’re looking for a bar with karaoke in Tenerife, Bar Fresh on The Golf is a great option!

The Moonlight Bar

Calle Valencia, 1A, Adeje

Trip Advisor

The Moonlight Fun Pub is located in Costa Adeje, just above Torviscas beach and round the corner from Torviscas Spice Village

The pub is known for its fun atmosphere and karaoke nights. Karaoke usually starts at 9:30 pm

So warm up those vocal cords and get ready for an unforgettable evening.


Tenerife’s Rooftop Bar Scene

Elegant rooftop bar with panoramic city view

Tenerife features many rooftop bars that offer stunning views but these 2 are something special:

Zambra Skybar Tenerife

View from the SkybarCalle Fernando López Arvelo 1 Plaza Del Duke Hotel Gf Victoria, 38679, Adeje

Trip Advisor

Catering exclusively to adults with panoramic views, Zambra Skybar is a luxury rooftop bar located in the Gran Hotel Siam Sunset in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. It offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding mountains.

The bar is open from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm and offers a variety of cocktails, drinks, and small plates of tapas. It is also a popular spot for watching the sunset.

One of the most unique features of Zambra Skybar is its glass-bottomed pool. This pool allows guests to feel like they are floating above the clouds.

The bar is also known for its live music and DJ sets. There is usually live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Zambra Skybar is a great place to relax and enjoy the views of Tenerife. It is also a popular spot for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays.


Nashira Bar Costa AdejeCalle de Alemania 5 C.C. Patio Canario local nº6, 38660, Adeje

Trip Advisor

Nashira is more than just a bar, it’s a unique cocktail and gastrobar located in Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, specifically at Calle El Galeón.

It’s €5 in a taxi from Fañabe and is up the hills with the most stunning views over Costa Adeje. You might even catch a view of a cruise ship or experience a sunset.

Nashira stands out with its delicious cocktails, expertly crafted using fresh and premium ingredients, showcasing artistic flair.

Indulge in their mouthwatering cocktails or explore an extensive menu of classic concoctions with a contemporary twist.


Tenerife is home to a diverse and exciting nightlife scene catering to all tastes and preferences. Discover stylish cocktail lounges, lively beach bars with sunshine abundant, sports-friendly venues, and live music spots on this vibrant island.

You can also indulge in local flavors at tapas restaurants or dance the night away at popular clubs, whatever you choose for your evening entertainment in Tenerife will surely be memorable.

So when visiting this stunning destination next time, make sure not to miss out on its buzzing nightlife options!

Best Bars in Tenerife: For All Occasions Read More »

Indian Restaurants Costa Adeje

Best Indian Restaurants in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Best Indian Restaurants in Tenerife

The best Indian restaurants in Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, boast a fusion of authentic recipes, traditional cooking techniques, and a modern twist that showcases the rich tapestry of flavors from various regions of India.

From the tantalizing aroma of spices like cumin, turmeric, and cardamom to the savory delights of dishes like butter chicken, mango chicken, and chicken tikka masala, these Indian restaurants offer an exquisite journey through the diverse and colorful world of Indian cuisine.

Torviscas spice village

Area: Torviscas

Nestled in the heart of Playa Torviscas Costa Adeje, Tenerife, lies Torviscas Spice Village.

Torviscus Spice Costa Adeje

This restaurant was recently voted the best Indian restaurant in Costa Adeje with 21% of the votes on a Facebook poll.

Open from 5 pm to 10:30 pm daily, this charming Indian restaurant beckons food enthusiasts, located just around the corner from the Moonlight Bar and above the familiar golden arches of McDonald’s Costa Adeje restaurant and Torviscas Beach.

My recent visit to this restaurant was a testament to Torviscas Spice Village’s magic. The bustling atmosphere was palpable, yet the staff’s warmth and dedication shone through.

Even a slight delay in the food did not spoil our experience. The service was friendly, attentive, and personalised – surpassed every expectation, adding an extra layer of charm to the evening.

But the true star of the show was the food, with traditional Indian Dishes, making it one if not the best restaurants for Indian food in Costa Adeje.

All the dishes were full of great flavors and textures and definitely hit the taste buds.

Torviscas Spice Tenerife

The Sangria was sparkling with fruity delight. The Poppadoms and chutneys offered a great start, while the mixed starter platter was a vibrant exploration of spices and textures.

The garlic chili chicken tikka, my main course, was a revelation.

Juicy chicken, infused with the perfect blend of fiery heat and fragrant garlic, paired beautifully with fluffy rice and melt-in-your-mouth naan.

The bustling ambiance at 8 pm spoke volumes about Torviscas Spice Village’s popularity. And it’s no surprise.

The combination of delicious Indian food, warm service, and a lively atmosphere creates an experience that lingers long after the final bite.

The bill, at €65 (2 adults and 2 kids)for an ensemble of cocktails(for the adults 🙂 ), Sangria, and a feast of savory treats, felt like a steal. 

We left yearning for more, already planning our next return to this hidden gem in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

  • Open 17:00 to 22:30 Daily

Bombay Babu Torviscas Playa

Area: La Pinta Beach

Just round the corner from La Pinta Beach and next to Solis, Bombay Babu offers delightful Indian cuisine with an inviting outdoor seating area available daily from 16:00 to 23:30.

Bombay Babu Torviscas
Bombay Babu Torviscas

This Indian restaurant impresses with its pleasant ambiance, excellent service, and consistently amazing food.

Recently, my in laws indulged in a fantastic meal at Bombay Babu near Solis.

Bombay Babu Torviscas
Bombay Babu Torviscas

Their sharing platter for starters we were told was simply beautiful and incredibly tasty, full of aromatic spices.

Although slightly pricier than others, the dishes were generously packed with more prawns and chicken tikka, making it worth the extra euros.

Bombay Babu Torviscas meal
Bombay Babu Torviscas meal

Additionally, their house Rioja was a delightful complement to the meal.

When they visited Bombay Babu Indian restaurant, the outdoor seating area was bustling and full, except for the table they vacated.

They’ve introduced a tempting 3-course menu for just 15 euros if you arrive before 6 pm, a great deal.

However, the lively country music from the neighboring establishments was a bit loud but it actually added to the atmosphere.

This has highly recommend it to us and we will be visiting on our next trip.

Top tip: Their butter masala curry is meant to be incredible.

  • Open 16:00 to 23:30
  • Outdoor seating
  • 3-course menu for just 15 euro before 18:00

Delhi Darbar

Area: Avenida Ernesto Sarti

Delhi Darbar Indian restaurant  is located in the heart of Costa Adeje, Tenerife.

Nestled around the corner from Guayarmina Princess, this Indian restaurant isn’t just a culinary gem, it’s an experience for the senses.

delhi darbar costa adeje
Delhi Darbar Costa Adeje

The restaurant is open daily from 14:00 to 23:30 and offers both indoor and outdoor seating.

We were told by friends that went to Delhi Darbar restaurant that it was pure delight.

The moment you step inside, you’re enveloped in the warmth of traditional Indian decor and the captivating sounds of live jazz music.

It’s like stepping into a bustling Delhi night market, but with the added bonus of ocean breezes and palm trees swaying outside

The service was just as impeccable as the food. The staff is friendly, attentive, and genuinely passionate about sharing their culinary heritage.

And what better testament to their authenticity and great food than the sight of local Indian families dining alongside tourists? Trust me, it’s a sign you’ve found the real deal.

Delhi Darbar Menu
Delhi Darbar Menu

Delhi Darbar also provides takeaways, if you fancy having dinner back in your hotel.

  • Open 14:00 to 23:00 Daily

New Star Indian Tandoori

Area: La Pinta Beach

Situated across from Solis and Bombay Babu and just up from La Pinta Beach this new Indian restaurant was excellent from taste of the food to the service provided, always providing a warm welcome to customers and children.

New Star Tenerife
New Star Costa Adeje

With doors open from 16:00 to 23:00 every night, this Indian restaurant offers a delightful blend of tradition and innovation, catering to both dine-in and take-away clientele in the Costa Adeje area.

Their special set menu priced at 17.95€ is a steal, promising an array of tantalizing dishes that satisfy both the palate and the pocket.

New Star Restaurant

When we visited New Star Upon arrival, we were greeted by a diverse selection of beverages, including their delectable sangria, Cobra, and Kingfisher beers.

The culinary adventure truly began with the crisp and freshly served poppadoms, setting the stage for the mouthwatering feast that followed.

For the main course, the Lamb Shashlik stole the show, while my partner relished in the flavors of the Garlic Lamb Curry.

Accompanied by fragrant garlic naan and aromatic pilau rice, every bite was a celebration of authenticity and taste. The impeccable service, overseen by the wonderful manager Bobby and an outstanding staff, added to the overall dining experience.

The Mixed Starter and the Lamb Madras were unparalleled, standing as a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to traditional recipes executed with finesse.

The Peshwari Naan, crispy and bursting with flavor, added a delightful crunch to the meal.

Moreover, the allure of the ‘All You Can Eat Indian Buffet’ at a price of €14.95, only adds to the myriad reasons why New Star Restaurant has become a hotspot for connoisseurs seeking an authentic taste of India in Costa Adeje.

  • Open: 16:00 to 23:00 every night
  • Special Menu: 17.95€
  • Buffet: €14.95

Delhi Delights

Area: San Eugenio

Delhi delights is a new Indian restaurant located on cardiac hill (San Eugenio), Costa Adeje where the old thirsty turtle use to be.

Delhi Delights Costa Adeje
Delhi Delights Costa Adeje

Nestled in the heart of Costa Adeje, Tenerife, it is a very good Indian restaurant that promises a delightful journey through traditional Indian cuisine.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with traditional Indian fabrics and artwork, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

I chose the 3-course set menu for €14.95, as I’ve heard lots of people going on about it. For me it included a starter, main course, and ice cream.

Delhi Delights Menu
Delhi Delights Menu

The presentation was excellent, and the food was even better.

I had the butter chicken for my main course, and it was absolutely amazing. The sauce was rich and flavorful, and the chicken was cooked to perfection.

I also loved the naan bread, which was light and fluffy.

The service at Delhi Delights was also top-notch.

The staff were friendly and attentive, and they even asked me what complimentary shot I wanted at the end of my meal. Also if you ask they will provide a gluten free option for you.

They also have a great kids’ menu, so it’s a great option for families.

Overall, I was very impressed with Delhi Delights. It’s a great place to get delicious and authentic Indian food at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the San Eugenio part of Costa Adeje.

Here are a few additional things to note:

  • The restaurant is open from 13:00 to 23:00.
  • 3-course set menu for €14.95
  • They have a half craft of wine for €7.
  • They also have a kids’ menu available.

Our Favourite Indian Restaurant In Tenerife

Out of the 5 recommended on this page we have only been to 3 of them, Delhi Delights, New Star Indian Tandoori and Torviscas spice village.

Our favourite was probably Delhi Delights, purely on the view and the attention they showed my wife and the kids. When it comes to food i really couldn’t separate the 3 of them.

Delhi Delights View
View from Delhi Delights

So these 5 restaurants are what we found to be the best Indian restaurants in Costa Adeje.

Best Indian Restaurants in Costa Adeje Tenerife Read More »

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