Mini Golf Tenerife: Fun for the Whole Family

Mini Golf Tenerife

Whether you call it mini golf or crazy golf, this popular activity is sure to provide great fun for the whole family. And what better place to play than on the beautiful island of Tenerife? Mini golf in Tenerife offers a unique experience with stunning views and challenging courses that are suitable for all ages.

Since our 2 girls were old enough we have played mini golf in Tenerife every year we have come.

Mini Golf Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje boasts two delightful mini golf courses at La Pinta Beach and Playa de Fanabe. Find out more in our Things to do for Families in Costa Adeje blog.

One course is located across from La Pinta beach and the other is located between Fanabe beach and the Mr. Sister Showbar.

Mini golf in Costa Adeje is a must-try activity for anyone visiting this charming town in Tenerife.

Playa de Fanabe Mini Golf Costa Adeje

Hollie playing Golf at Fanabe
Hollie playing Golf at Fanabe

Location: C. Roma, 4, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Price: €5 euros each.

Open: 10am until 8pm

Playa de Fanabe Mini Golf is our favourite, it is across from a host of bars and is safe for the kids to play in there, day or night, while you can sit back and take a well deserved rest from entertaining them all day.

It is a perfect option for those looking for a more relaxed and easier mini golf experience.

Located in front of the Mr. Sister Showbar, so if you fancy a pint or cocktail while watching your kids play. it is only a few meters away.

This 18-hole course offers beautiful views of the beach and surrounding area while challenging players with fun obstacles.

The opening hours for Playa de Fanabe Mini Golf are from 10am until 8pm, making it a great day or night time activity for the whole family.

The prices are a flat fee of €5 euros each, which include golf clubs, balls and score cards.

Mini Golf Fanabe
Myself playing across from Mr Sister Showbar

La Pinta Beach Mini Golf Costa Adeje

 View of La Pinta
Entrance at La Pinta

Location: Av. de Colón, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Price: adults is €12 and children pay €8

Open: 12 pm to 9pm or 10pm daily (except Sundays)

At La Pinta Beach Mini Golf in Costa Adeje, you can explore the 18-hole course and enjoy the views of the sea!

The hours of operation range from 12 pm to 9pm or 10pm daily (except Sundays).

The price for adults is €12 and children pay €8 this also includes golf clubs, balls and score cards.

For when your golf game needs a break, there’s an onsite snack bar.

crazy golf La Pinta
crazy Golf View of La Pinta

Website: https://website–

Tips for a Great Crazy Golf Experience in Costa Adeje

We can offer you some top tips for having the best mini golf experience in Costa Adeje, as well as provide valuable insights regarding suitable clubs to use.

From how to plan your visit through selecting a course that’s right for everyone – even offering the double option- and turning it into an enjoyable family occasion, we have all the information necessary which affects what is featured on this page!

Also take time out when exploring reviews before taking part in any of these courses: second course, yellow course or popular double one are ready waiting.

Planning Your Visit

When preparing to visit Costa Adeje and experience the mini-golf courses, it’s important to take into account their operating hours.

La Pinta Beach Mini Golf is open from midday until 9 pm or 10 pm depending on what day of week while Playa de Fanabe Mini Golf works from 10 in the morning up till 8 at night.

You should also think about factors such as shade coverage close by other attractions before making a plan for your golf adventure.

All these details will give help you make the most out of visiting mini-golf courses here in Costa Adeje.

Choosing the Right Course

When it comes to picking the ideal mini golf course for your family, make sure to think about difficulty level, cost and facilities. La Pinta Beach Mini Golf offers a harder challenge compared with Playa de Fanabe’s more relaxed style of play.

Weighing up these factors will help you choose the best option that meets both budget and needs requirements when enjoying this leisure activity together as a family.

Ensure you’re getting good value for money by carefully assessing what each individual course provides in terms of amenities.

Neither course has shade from the sun so plan how long you wish to stay for and what time would be best.

Making it a Family Affair

Golfing can be a great family activity and make special memories if the whole crew gets involved. Turn mini-golf into an entertaining experience by having everyone take their turn or even form teams to play together.

To add some excitement, you could assign different challenges like seeing who has the best score or achieving most holes in one.

Enjoy this fun game of miniature golf with your loved ones for laughter and bonding time!

Other Attractions in Costa Adeje

When visiting Costa Adeje, mini-golf is a must for your family! But don’t miss out on all the other incredible things to do while you’re here. From beautiful beaches like Playa del Duque and Playa de Fanabe, to thrilling adventures in Siam Park, Aqualand Costa Adeje or Jungle Park – there’s something for everyone and for really young kids there is a Softplay just off Torviscas beach.

Make the most of your holiday by combining different attractions with that round of mini golf. It’ll be an unforgettable experience!

Mini Golf Playa De Las Americas

There are 2 mini golf courses in playa de las americas, there is Vivo Mini Golf in treasure island and Parque Santiago Mini Golf.

Vivo Mini Golf Las Americas

Vivo Mini Golf
Vivo Mini Golf Las Americas

Location:  Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina, 7, 38650 Playa de la Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Price: €13.45(double course)/10.95 for adults and €10.95(double course)/8.95 for children.

Open: 9am until midnight

Vivo Mini Golf offers a unique experience with its glow-in-the-dark, pirate theme course.

It has 2 18 hole courses and is set in tropical gardens next to a waterfall.

If you feel like a break or some shade there are pool tables and a fully stocked bar.

This 18-hole course is perfect for both kids and adults, providing a fun and challenging game.

The opening hours are from 9am until midnight which makes it a great evening activity after enjoying dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants.

The prices are €13.45(double course)/10.95 for adults and €10.95(double course)/8.95 for children, making it an affordable option for a fun night out with the family.

PS: Remember to have a Euro for the pool table.


Reviews: Trip Advisor

Parque Santiago Mini Golf

Mini Golf Santeago
Mini Golf Santeago

Location: Paseo Alcotan, 8, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Price: €7 Adult, children €6 (9 hole), €9 Adult, children €7 (18 hole)

Open: 10am until midnight

Parque Santiago Mini Golf is nestled within the sprawling, lush gardens of the Parque Santiago resort in Playa De Las Americas, offering unique and exciting mini golf experiences for all ages.

This brilliant 18-hole course is known for its intricately designed landscapes and fun obstacles that add to the thrill of the game.

Open from 10 am to midnight, 7 nights a week, it provides ample time for visitors to enjoy a match or two. The cost for adults is €7, while children can play for €6(9 hole). This mini golf course is the perfect spot for families looking to spend quality time together while indulging in some friendly competition.

Mini Golf Santiago Prices
Mini Golf Santiago Prices


Reviews: Trip Advisor

Mini Golf Los Cristianos

There is only one mini golf in Los Cristianos called Oasis Mini Golf.

Oasis Mini Golf Los Cristianos

Mini Golf Oasis
Mini Golf Oasis Los Cristianos

Location: Oasis Mini Golf, Paseo Maritimo, Los Cristianos, Spain, 38650

Price: Adults €4, pensioners €3, children €3

Open: 10am until 10pm

Oasis Mini Golf is an 18-hole course located by the sea. The course is colorful and well-maintained, and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The opening hours are from 10am to 10pm, making it a great daytime or evening activity. The prices for an adult is €4 while children can play for €3.

This mini golf course is perfect for those wanting to enjoy a game of mini golf by the sea in Los Cristianos.

Mini GolfOasis Prices
Oasis Prices


Reviews: Trip Advisor


Mini golf is good fun and an entertaining activity for the whole family to enjoy while visiting Costa Adeje, Playa De Las Americas or Los Cristianos. With all these courses available playing mini golf in Tenerife is a must do with the family.

By planning your visit, choosing the right course, and making it a family affair, you can create lasting memories with loved ones.

Don’t forget to also explore other attractions in the area such as beautiful beaches, water parks, and other adventurous activities.

So with plenty of courses in Tenerife there is no reason to not take all the family. It is a great excuse to have a relaxing drink after. 

Mini golf in Tenerife is a must event for the family.

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