Tenerife Weather April

Tenerife Weather April

Tenerife, the largest of The Canary Islands, is a popular tourist destination known for its year-round warm weather and beautiful beaches.

April is a great time to visit Tenerife as it marks the beginning of spring, with pleasantly warm temperatures and longer days.

In April, the average temperature in Tenerife ranges between 19°C to 23°C, making it the perfect weather for outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the island’s stunning natural landscapes.

However, with the increase in temperature, it is important to pack and apply sun cream regularly to protect your skin from the strong UV rays.

One of the unique features of Tenerife’s weather is its proximity to the Sahara Desert.

This can sometimes result in a phenomenon known as “Calima,” where dust particles from the desert are blown over to the island, causing a temporary haziness in the air.


     Temperature Day 23°C
     Temperature Night 16°C
Sun Hours 7:39am to 8:31pm
Rainfall 7mm
Rainfall Days 1
Sea Temperature 18°C/64°F
Wind Speed 2-19 mph

The south of Tenerife experiences slightly better weather in April compared to that of the north. With summer months just round the corner it could be a good time to come without the crowds.

This is due to the island’s topography, as the mountain ranges in the north can sometimes create cloud cover and cooler temperatures. In April most hotels in Tenerife turn off the heaters for their pools.

In contrast to the north the southern coast is more sheltered and enjoys warmer and sunnier days.

Some of the main resorts located in Tenerife South are Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas, and Los Cristianos.

These popular tourist destinations offer a variety of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels.

Visitors can enjoy the warm weather in April while lounging on the beautiful beaches or exploring the nearby attractions such as Siam Park waterpark and Aqualand Costa Adeje.

Day Temperature

The average daytime temperatures in Tenerife South during April ranges from 21°C to an average high temperature of 25°C,  this is similar to the highs of February and March. with some days reaching highs of up to 28°C.

This makes it the perfect weather for swimming and sunbathing at the beach.

However, it is always advisable to stay hydrated and seek shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Night Temperature

The nights in Tenerife South are mild and comfortable, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 18°C.

This allows for pleasant evening strolls along the promenade or enjoying a nice dinner outdoors.

Hours of Sunshine

Tenerife South enjoys an average of eight hours of sunshine per day in April, with longer days compared to the winter months.

This provides ample time for outdoor activities and sightseeing, without having to worry about the sun setting too early.


April is also a relatively dry month in Tenerife South, with an average rainfall of only 7mm.

This means that visitors can expect mostly sunny days during their stay, with minimal chances of rain.

Rainfall: No of Days

April is one of the driest months in the South of Tenerife, with very low chances of rainfall.

On average, there are only 1-2 days of rain throughout the month, making it an ideal time to visit for those who want to avoid any wet weather.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature in Tenerife South during April ranges from 17°C to 18°C, which may be a bit too chilly for swimming in the Atlantic ocean.

However, the warm weather and ample sunshine make it enjoyable to relax by the beach or take a dip in the pool.

Wind Speed

The average wind speed in Tenerife South during April is around 12 km/h, with occasional gusts reaching up to 20 km/h.

This gentle breeze provides a refreshing break from the warm temperatures and adds to the overall pleasant weather experience.

Overall, Tenerife South offers fantastic weather conditions in April, making it an ideal destination for those looking for some sun

Tenerife North Weather April

     Temperature Day 22°C
     Temperature Night 16°C
Sun Hours 7:39am to 8:31pm
Rainfall 20mm
Rainfall Days 5
Sea Temperature 16°C/61°F
Wind Speed 7-13 mph

Compared to the south, the weather in Tenerife North during April is slightly cooler and wetter.

This is due to its location being closer to the mountains, which can create cloud cover and bring occasional rainfall.

However, even with these differences, Tenerife North still experiences pleasant temperatures and sunny days in April.

Some of the main resorts located in Tenerife North include Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, and La Laguna.

These charming towns offer a more authentic Canarian experience with traditional architecture, local markets, and delicious cuisine.

In April, visitors can enjoy exploring these cultural gems while also taking advantage of the warmer weather on sunny days.

Day Temperature

The average day temperature in Tenerife North during April ranges from 21°C to 22°C, with highs reaching up to 25°C on some days.

While slightly cooler than the south, it is still warm enough for outdoor activities and beach visits.

Night Temperature

The nights in Tenerife North can be a bit cooler compared to the south, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 17°C.

However, this provides a pleasant break from the warmer days and is still comfortable for evening strolls or outdoor dining.

Hours of Sunshine

Tenerife North experiences an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day in April, with some cloudy days due to its location.

However, visitors can still expect plenty of sunny and warm days to enjoy during their stay.


April marks the end of the rainy season in Tenerife North, but there is still a higher chance of rainfall compared to the south.

The average rainfall in April is about 20mm.

However, the rain usually comes in short bursts and does not last for long periods.

Rainfall: No of Days

On average, there are about 4-5 days of rainfall in Tenerife North during April. While it may be more than the south, it is still considered a relatively dry month.

Visitors can still expect mostly sunny days and may only need to plan for a few rainy days during their stay.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in Tenerife North ranges from 15°C to 17°C in April, which may be too cold for swimming for some visitors.

However, the coastal towns offer plenty of other activities such as boat trips and water sports that can still be enjoyed in these temperatures.

Wind Speed

The average wind speed in Tenerife North during April is around 16 km/h, with gusts reaching up to 25 km/h.

While slightly stronger than the south, it still provides a comfortable breeze and does not affect the overall weather experience.

Final thought on the weather in Tenerife in April

Overall, both Tenerife South and Tenerife North offer pleasant weather in April.

While the south may have warmer temperatures and more hours of sunshine, the north provides a refreshing break from the heat and still offers plenty of sunny days.

Whether you prefer lounging on the beach or exploring local culture, Tenerife has something to offer for everyone during this time of year.

So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the beautiful weather in Tenerife in April!

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