Tenerife Weather March

Tenerife Weather March

Tenerife weather in March is typically warm and sunny, and warmest of all the canary islands.

With an average temperature of 22°C (71°F), it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities and exploration.

However, it’s important to remember to pack plenty of sun cream as the UV index can be quite high during this month.

The combination of warm temperatures and low humidity creates a dry and comfortable environment, making it an ideal destination for those who prefer a drier heat.

Besides soaking up the sunshine on one of Tenerife’s stunning beaches, there are also many exciting water sports activities to enjoy during this time.

From snorkelling and scuba diving to jet skiing and parasailing, there’s something for everyone to try. So don’t forget your swimsuit and beach towel!


     Temperature Day 23°C
     Temperature Night 16°C
Sun Hours 7:14am to 7:13pm
Rainfall 15mm
Rainfall Days 2
Sea Temperature 19°C/66°F
Wind Speed 4-11 mph

In general, the weather in Tenerife’s south is slightly better than the north during the month of March.

This is due to the island’s unique geographical location, with the mountainous Anaga and Teno regions creating a barrier between the two coasts.

As a result, the south experiences less rainfall and more sunshine compared to its northern counterpart.

The popular resorts of Costa Adeje, Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Playa de la arena are all located in the southern part of the island and offer a range of accommodation options for visitors.

Day Temperature

In the southern part of Tenerife can reach up an average high temperature of 23°C (73°F), this is similar to the highs of February and April, making it a popular destination for sun-seekers and beach lovers.

With clear blue skies and gentle sea breezes, it’s the perfect weather for exploring the island’s many outdoor attractions such as hiking trails, water parks, and botanical gardens.

Night Temperature

In March, the night temperature in Tenerife’s south averages around 16°C (61°F), providing a comfortable and mild climate for evening activities.

Whether you’re strolling along the promenade or enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the many outdoor restaurants, you won’t have to worry about feeling too cold.


While the south of Tenerife experiences less rainfall during March, there is still a chance of some scattered showers.

On average it receives about 15 mm for the month of March.  However, these are usually brief and can actually provide a refreshing break from the warm weather.

Rainfall: No of Days

On average, there are only 2 to 3 rainy days in the south of Tenerife during March, making it a fairly dry month overall.

This means that you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities without having to worry about getting caught in a downpour.

Hours of Sunshine

During March, Tenerife’s south experiences an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day.

This is perfect for those who want to make the most of their holiday and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

With longer days, there’s more time to explore all that Tenerife has to offer – from its beautiful beaches and charming towns to its vibrant nightlife and stunning natural landscapes.

Average Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in the south of Tenerife during March is around 19°C (66°F), making it a great time to take a dip in the ocean.

Whether you’re swimming, snorkelling, or trying out some water sports, the warm and calm waters are perfect for all kinds of aquatic activities.

Wind Speed

March is also a great time for outdoor sports and activities in Tenerife because the average wind speed remains relatively low at around 9 km/h (6 mph).

This provides a calm and pleasant environment for all kinds of outdoor adventures without having to worry about strong winds.


Tenerife North Weather March

     Temperature Day 22°C
     Temperature Night 16°C
Sun Hours 7:14am to 7:13pm
Rainfall 30mm
Rainfall Days 5
Sea Temperature 15°C/59°F
Wind Speed 11-18 mph

In contrast to the south, Tenerife’s northern region experiences slightly cooler temperatures and more rainfall during March.

As mentioned above this is due to its proximity to the Anaga and Teno mountains, which block much of the warm, dry air from reaching this part of the island.

The main resorts in the north include Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, and La Laguna. Despite the cooler weather, these charming towns offer a rich cultural experience with their historic architecture, local markets, and delicious food.

Day Temperature

The average daytime temperature in Tenerife’s north during March is around 22°C (72°F).

While it may be slightly cooler than the south, it’s still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, sightseeing, and exploring the island’s many natural wonders.

Night Temperature

At night, average temperatures in the north can drop to an average of 16°C (61°F).

This is still relatively mild and comfortable compared to other destinations during this time of year.

So if you plan on exploring Tenerife’s nightlife or taking a romantic walk under the stars, you won’t need to bundle up too much.

It would still make sense to pack light jacket just incase you find it too cold.


The north of Tenerife receives more rainfall compared to the south during March, with an average of 30 mm for the month.

This is due to its lower altitude and more exposed location on the island’s coast.

However, this doesn’t mean that it rains all day.

The showers are usually short and intermittent, leaving plenty of time for outdoor activities in between.

Rainfall: No of Days

On average, there are about 4 to 5 days with rainfall in the north during March.

This means that there is still plenty of opportunity to explore all that this region has to offer without being hindered by the weather.

Hours of Sunshine

Despite the higher chance of rainfall, Tenerife’s north still experiences an average of seven hours of sunshine per day during March.

This means that there is plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities and soak up some vitamin D while exploring this beautiful island.

Average Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature in the north is around 15°C (61°F) during March.

While it may be slightly cooler compared to the south, it’s still warm enough for water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

Wind Speed

The average wind speed in Tenerife’s north during March is around 21 km/h (13 mph).

While this may be slightly higher than the south, it still provides a pleasant environment for outdoor activities without being too windy.

Final thoughts

Overall, March is a great time to visit Tenerife as both the north and south regions offer pleasant weather with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. However, if you prefer warmer weather and less chance of rainfall, then the south may be the better option for you.

Whichever region you choose, Tenerife’s diverse landscapes, rich culture, and variety of activities make it a fantastic destination for a March holiday.

So if you are looking for some winter sun Tenerife in march is the place to be.

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